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Monday, July 1, 2013

Wake up New World Order Democrats

Wake up New World Order Democrats before you wake up to find yourself just as bad as the Republicans that you used to chastise and abhor. Bush was hated overseas and in Europe because he was a stupid idiot jerk – Obama is angering Europe and his allies because they feel just as betrayed as the American people and all those who fought hard to put him in power expecting his words of promise and change to be not just something more than words, but certainly not blatant downright lies.   Old school Democrats should be able to remember the sense of pride the liberal underdogs felt when they brought down the dirty tricks and lies of the Nixon era and what a major progressive accomplishment it was for Democracy to have Impeached and held Nixon accountable for bugging a DNC headquarter office. Your great bringer of change and governmental transparency has outdone Nixon globally times a million plus – If you stand blindly by a hypocrite, in the end that makes you a hypocrite as well – follow your friends and allies overseas in your outrage at such a blatant and deep betrayal of all those who considered Obama friend, mentor and ally – BY PUTTING DOWN THE TV REMOTE AND GETTING OFF YOUR ASS AND ACTUALLY ONCE MORE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT SOCIAL AND GLOBAL INJUSTICE PERPETRATED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND ITS ACTING PRESIDENT IN CHARGE!

Here is a governmental contact site with all the links you need to voice your outrage at being so betrayed by your Commander in Chief -

It is time to wake up and smell the tyranny that’s brewing!