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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Pen State Pain of 2011 that Still Hurts

It is about time the "Moral" Authority finally gets nailed for being immoral and un-ethical - Of course if this happened at the White House instead of Pen State College, the victims and the journalists that broke the story would be in jail or on trial right now.

There is no question about the three ex-big wigs that allowed Jerry Sandusky to rape young boys in the college’s showers being guilty as hell. Why is the big question in my mind?  If I was in charge and people repeatedly came and told me Sandusky is raping young boys in the showers, I would call the police first, call Sandusky into my office second, and then of course confront him with the charges and put him on Administrative suspension until the issue was all sorted out. If the allegations against Sandusky were found to be true, I Would Drop His Ass like a Hot Potato and then call the legal department and tell them to get some settlement checks ready.

For ex-President Graham Spanier, former vice president Gary Schultz, and ex-athletic director Tim Curley, their choices to cover up decades of blatant deviant child abuse were simply a self-serving monetary choice to ensure their cushy jobs and prestige was not jeopardized. They were then trapped by their own fears and greed into a conspiracy of the worst kind; one that held the value of money over the value of a child’s welfare.

The prosecution is right on the mark this time and social hysteria has seemed to lost interest in this case so there is not much pressure for over-prosecutorial excess in this trial. The prosecutor rational is this: “The men engaged in a ''conspiracy of silence,'' prosecutor, Bruce Beemer said.

This amounts to conspiracy to rape children on the Pen State Campus. Well they made their choices and now they will most likely get their just deserts in prison, just like Jerry Sandusky is now – Giving blow jobs surrounded by painted cinderblocks rather than receiving them!

Monday, July 29, 2013

NO Believable Presidential Moral Authority

I petition that a vote of no confidence be put to the United States Congress calling into question President Obamas abilities to lead this country in a democratic and constitutional manner that has been set down by our forefathers in order to protect us from tyranny and dictatorship by our own governing powers. The charges and accusations set forth against the president shall include and conclude that:  President Obama has shown to have NO Believable Moral Authority in which to guide America, due to the President of the United States un-ethical foreign and domestic policies, and that his actions as President of the United States of America has run contrary to his campaign promises to the American people to the point of being intentionally deceptive to those who voted him into power.  President Obamas assurances on his election plat form that he was dedicated to  promoting governmental transparency, progressive governmental change, and social equality to America, has proven be the opposite in effect and in implementation. I state that the President has instead brought the opposite of what he has promised American Society and the United States government, solely do to the president’s inept lack of political experience in politics, his self-centered personal agendas, and his blatant circumvention of upholding the Constitution of the United States of America.
Petition of no confidence in President Obamas abilities to morally and ethically lead America.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

4 in 5 in US face near-poverty, no work!

Electing a black president finally ended inequality in America! - By spreading it around! - Thanks President Obama! You fulfilled your promise by making everyone walk the streets asking for "change" equally, just to get a meal for a day in America. Those who agree and aren't afraid of being called a racist because they have common sense and a mind of their own, should help call for a vote of no confidence for President Obama on the grounds of, "No believable moral authority in which to guide America due solely by his ethical foreign and domestic policies and actions as President of the United States of America" Everyone who agrees with this rational assessment of his progress and unfulfilled promises (intentional lies) to our once great Nation, Please pass this on and look for the petition I intend to start legally and constitutionally. Something our president has intentionally overlooked as a constitutional lawyer!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The 14 Billion Dollar Floating “Death Star” that is more important than the future of Americas Children

Hey all you parents who had babies in 2012, congratulations! About now you are thinking about your child’s future, and in a few more years when they learn to talk; when they are going to move out of the house!

Well unfortunately you do not have much help coming from the Federal Government except for maybe some interference into your personal lives and parenting skills by some ever-zealous under qualified government agency.

The United States Government that claims to represent you would rather sink all your hard earned tax dollars into a new toy, (Floating Death Star) rather than your children’s futures. The newest most expensive Aircraft Carrier ever made on Earth, the USS Gerald Ford, (anyone old enough to remember the Un-elected by the people, President Gerald Ford, has to snicker a little bit) is one more example of how the Federal Government thinks more war is more important than spending it on their citizens health and welfare. It is obvious that they plan to use this monstrous weapon to uphold/enforce the dominance and supremacy of the United Corporations of America over all the world populations heads in order to force their will and self-interests on every nation on the globe through extortion and intimidation.

Here is an example of what 14,000,000,000 dollars could do for the newest U.S. citizens born in 2012 if America truly was the Kinder, Gentler nation of the New World Order it claims to be.

Approximately 4 Million babies were born in the U.S. last year in 2012, if the 14 Billion for the construction of the Aircraft Carrier was divided by the 4 Million babies that would give every child born in 2012 about $3,500 to invest in a CD (federally Insured up to $250,000). At the current average percentage rate for that amount saved of 1.8%, after 17 years that would add up to, and give your child approximately $13,700 to start planning their move out of the house comfortably for all, at the age of 18.

Wouldn’t that be a nicer goal for your new infant child than world domination and tyranny to look forward to when they turn 18? Remember – The U.S. government gave those same banks $700 Billion dollars in a bail out $$$$ for robbing us all blind for years! Just think of what $700,000,000,000 could and can do for every American citizen if it was used for society’s benefit, instead of the benefit of those who attempt to rule over society for their own personal gain and profit!





Friday, July 26, 2013

The Truth is solid and Lies are hollow

The true Traitors are still in the White House trying to cover up more crimes - To bad they don't realize that the truth is solid and that more truth comes out the deeper you look into it, but lies are hollow inside once you break through them.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ironic Fate, Quick Racial Judgments, and Culturally and Socially Perceived Monsters


 George Zimmerman made a dumb choice when he thought that he should chase down a young hooded black youth in a gated Florida community fearing another break-in at the neighborhood, ( did you know Trayvon Martin was caught at school with a backpack that contained diamond encrusted woman's jewelry and a screwdriver), the murky altercation with the 17 year old  kid that ensued  in the struggle that killed Trayvon, was never truly clarified by both the prosecution , the defense, nor the witnesses in the trial. What we did find out only provided more questions than real tangible answers.

 This case was mostly judged by social hysteria and social media. Zimmerman was  then hit with a self-serving over-prosecutorial discretion capitalizing on the whirlwind of social outrage by overreaching charges that were not warranted legally and normally in such a case in the first place. When a jury had to vote for acquittal of all charges due to the legal systems unjustifiable tactics, rather than Justice being served, it was of course the jury’s fault in the countries perception not societies.

Zimmerman was still portrayed as the worst villain of the decade though he was technically cleared of the charges against him. (People must not read the daily news about everyone else who was shot yesterday) Zimmerman was and still is called a monster, and a criminal, and was even publically chastised by the president - Then Zimmerman shows America what kind of Monster he is by saving a family of four from a burning overturned truck! (Obama can’t see nothing coming right now can he!) The difference between this “monster,” and the one in the White House is - The Monster in the White House has yet to be charged for the death of 221 children in reckless drone strikes (Arab children count as murder too when they are negligently killed in their streets and homes; oh but it’s not about race and culture in America right?) Ironically the President of the United States of America is most likely going be the one who  kills another Arab family of four in the near future, just because they are having coffee next to another "monster" according to American and Governmental negative cultural and racial Perceptions. Who are the current “Monsters” of the World in reality, is the true question that America needs to face!




Monday, July 22, 2013

CORNEL WEST on Obama / Zimmerman Speach

CORNEL WEST: "Well, the first thing, I think we have to acknowledge that President Obama has very little moral authority at this point, because we know anybody who tries to rationalize the killing of innocent peoples, a criminal—George Zimmerman is a criminal—but President Obama is a global George Zimmerman, because he tries to rationalize the killing of innocent children, 221 so far, in the name of self-defense, so that there’s actually parallels here."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Unspoken Inequality of Famous Acquittal Aftermaths

This countries court system is a messed up opinionated, power driven, cold blooded, corporate mentality oriented fiasco of a justice system that is only actually blind to its own hypocrisies.  Luckily for it, there is a force even more hypocritical than the broken justice system itself, this system works in a duel selfish symbiosis with the court system – Its name is American Society!

Famous American Acquittal Verdicts

OJ Simpson Verdict – Good old OJ Kills two people in cold blood out of petty jealousy, one a woman and one a gay waiter.

Aftermath of Not Guilty Verdict – No riots, no mass protests to speak of, no presidential speech addressing the controversial verdict. Luckily we didn’t have to wait too long before he screwed up again and tried to rob people at gunpoint and get away with that too; didn’t work this time.

That Casey Anthony Bitch – Casey Anthony kills her young child because being a single mom is such a drag, then she proceeds to go out and party like every night is Friday night, while people still look for her dead kid she stashed in the woods.

Aftermath of Not Guilty Verdict – Society shrugs its shoulders and immediately moves onto the next social outrage. (Casey Anthony who!)

The Michael Jackson Acquittal – Career child molester Michael Jackson who likes to put wine in sick children’s pop cans and then take them back to his room at night for a romp in the toy chest, while he keeps their paid off parents strategically locked up on the other side of his giant kid trap compound in a fancy room full of amenities and their own selfish greed. If you don’t believe me just look at how fucked up Macaulay Culkin was, and is, after Michael was done with him.

Aftermath of Not Guilty Verdict – Everyone is waiting outside to cheer for him, give him more $$$$$$, stars support him and when he conveniently offs himself by accident with more injected hospital drugs that rich people get to use for no good reason simply because they are rich, in a plethora of total social hypocrisy he gets sent off  to heaven (Hell) like he was some sort of national hero while his doctor gets put on trial as a criminal; now that’s ironic justice!

Rapper R Kelly Verdict – This scumbag makes child porn with underage girls, pisses on and humiliates them while he date rapes young girls and gets off Scott free.

Aftermath of Not Guilty Verdict – Mo money! Mo money! Oh, and no one gives a shit!

And of course the mother of them all – THE RODNEY KING VERDICT!

Rodney King decides to get into a high speed chase through Los Angeles, ( a little dangerous for everyone) and when the cops finally catch him they beat the holy snot out of him like cops do to hundreds of people daily across the United States. Shockers of all shockers, the police were acquitted of all wrong doing. (Like they are across the U.S.A. everyday)

Aftermath of Not Guilty Verdict – People in the streets rob, burn, and loot their small neighborhood shop owners and neighbors who they don’t like, and also beat innocent people half to death in the streets that they don’t like, all in order to protest the cops getting away with beating people half to death in the streets.

Or was it really all about beating just one person in the streets because he was black? Who cares about all the other people who the cops abuse from every race, culture and nationality in the United States on a daily basis! Unless you are a social hypocrite you have to use the same reasoning in the Zimmerman Verdict. You should be protesting in the streets for everyone who was killed by some opinionated asshole with a gun – not just the shooting of Trayvon Martin simply because he was a black 17 year old kid who was tragically killed by a Hispanic man who got away with manslaughter – And if you say it isn’t about race, then you are not only a Social Hypocrite - You are blind to even the most basic simple truths about American Society!





Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Ordered Chaos of 369

The World was created in weights and measures. This means that you are surrounded by, and every molecule in your body is held together by, a complex mathematical equation computed by God, that encompasses all aspects of, and all calculations of past, present, and future, combined together and pre-equated in a looping circle of life that is our material existence. (BTA)

LIFE IS A SIMPLE AND COMPLEX EQUATION, It’s just that our math is a little rusty!

Do You Remember?

                                   # 1.  9 X [1 + (13 – 5) Div. By 2]


Ø  Remember the rules of 369 and you shall divide and conquer times two.


# 2.  Write 72 as a product of prime factors.


Ø  The answer to your problem is thrice timed by the duality that lives within 6.


# 3.  2 Times 3 to the Third Power Div. By 9




Ø  The numbers of the ultimate total if combined equals 9.





Monday, July 15, 2013

We Are All Pieces of God Itself!

A Piece of God must be able to stand up to even God Itself. At least as a distant equal, thus are the terms of the Gift/Curse of Adamel, as negotiated by YHVH.  In this material darkness we can only guess upon the true way that is up or down, because our perceptions are reversed and flawed. We must all after awakening, strive to reach the true “Mind” of God, “Itself,” and teach even “it,” what we have learned in our exile! I am just beginning to remember in the end what I once knew in the beginning! And the First Shall be the Last and the Last Shall be the First!


( BTA ) The Social Hysteria Blog -


Friday, July 12, 2013

A Childs Unalienable God Given Right Not to be Killed for Their Beliefs

Malala's Incredible Speech to the U.N.

It is a heartbreaking sign of the times when children have to stand up for their rights not to be killed at the U.N. in this War on Terror. Incredibly remarkable young girl who should be a shining example for us supposed grown ups who run this messed up world - very tear invoking but also very very thought provoking -Please watch and pass on - Thanks Brian - Please pass the video on after viewing Via share and code options!

Friday, July 5, 2013

By Dividing they Conquer

Our government has intentionally put a stranglehold on the American political process by ensuring that a token two party system stays in place pretending to be rivals while in truth being two branches of the same original party in a conspiracy to divide the people of America perpetually in half by constantly pitting its own people against each other which conveniently divides all governmental powers and money in a prearranged 50/50 cut which of course leaves 0% left over for other rival political ideologies to be able to promote their causes and be represented in the American  governmental process.

Average Americans seem to have short memories and comprehensions in regards to its own histories while re-writing other countries histories to suit the American Ideal regardless of whether that version is factual or omitting key historical points.

The Democratic - Republican Party was formed and promoted in 1791 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and “split” in 1894 into our “Two” party system today in a prearranged scheme to put a lasting strangle hold on power in the “New World, “ensuring that the wealthy who ruled government then as they do now, had no challenges to the ancient secret brotherhoods of the Rosicrucian and Freemason's plans for new world domination passed down from the powerbrokers of the old Roman Empire until its rebirth in “Gods” promised land in the Americas – No great wonder why Israel was purposely added into the equation after World War II as the World Powers divided their spoils and set themselves in place for the next phase of their global secret conspiracy to rule the entire World as Demi-gods under the name of YHVH, God of all materialism composed of the light and dark energies  of the Human Animal on Earth.

This is why our government divides church and State only in name and not by action or ideology, and also why Catholics (Kennedy), whom the secret societies saw as rivals to their established ancient powers in Rome,  and any religious affiliation besides Protestant is also undermined and shut out of the political process in American Politics.

History is bound to endlessly repeat itself as the ultimate schemes of these secret societies repeat all the ancient meticulous mathematical equations of social cause and effect that allow them to be the ongoing ultimate puppet masters of the World, until the rapture gives them full and total control over the World’s population that is left behind; deeming us all inferior races to their supreme rule over the Planet as promised to them by YHVH.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Evil Thrones of the Gods

The Evil Thrones of the Gods

By Brian Thomas Armstrong

Regrets are things you can repair

If the ones you wronged are still there

To the ones that passed you can explain

By passing on yourself to see them again

Regrets are spider webs that cloud your mind

Cruel jokes from Gods that neither care for cruel or kind

They just laugh upon their lofty thrones, and then make you explain their jokes when they call you home

Monday, July 1, 2013

Wake up New World Order Democrats

Wake up New World Order Democrats before you wake up to find yourself just as bad as the Republicans that you used to chastise and abhor. Bush was hated overseas and in Europe because he was a stupid idiot jerk – Obama is angering Europe and his allies because they feel just as betrayed as the American people and all those who fought hard to put him in power expecting his words of promise and change to be not just something more than words, but certainly not blatant downright lies.   Old school Democrats should be able to remember the sense of pride the liberal underdogs felt when they brought down the dirty tricks and lies of the Nixon era and what a major progressive accomplishment it was for Democracy to have Impeached and held Nixon accountable for bugging a DNC headquarter office. Your great bringer of change and governmental transparency has outdone Nixon globally times a million plus – If you stand blindly by a hypocrite, in the end that makes you a hypocrite as well – follow your friends and allies overseas in your outrage at such a blatant and deep betrayal of all those who considered Obama friend, mentor and ally – BY PUTTING DOWN THE TV REMOTE AND GETTING OFF YOUR ASS AND ACTUALLY ONCE MORE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT SOCIAL AND GLOBAL INJUSTICE PERPETRATED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND ITS ACTING PRESIDENT IN CHARGE!

Here is a governmental contact site with all the links you need to voice your outrage at being so betrayed by your Commander in Chief -

It is time to wake up and smell the tyranny that’s brewing!