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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ironic Fate, Quick Racial Judgments, and Culturally and Socially Perceived Monsters


 George Zimmerman made a dumb choice when he thought that he should chase down a young hooded black youth in a gated Florida community fearing another break-in at the neighborhood, ( did you know Trayvon Martin was caught at school with a backpack that contained diamond encrusted woman's jewelry and a screwdriver), the murky altercation with the 17 year old  kid that ensued  in the struggle that killed Trayvon, was never truly clarified by both the prosecution , the defense, nor the witnesses in the trial. What we did find out only provided more questions than real tangible answers.

 This case was mostly judged by social hysteria and social media. Zimmerman was  then hit with a self-serving over-prosecutorial discretion capitalizing on the whirlwind of social outrage by overreaching charges that were not warranted legally and normally in such a case in the first place. When a jury had to vote for acquittal of all charges due to the legal systems unjustifiable tactics, rather than Justice being served, it was of course the jury’s fault in the countries perception not societies.

Zimmerman was still portrayed as the worst villain of the decade though he was technically cleared of the charges against him. (People must not read the daily news about everyone else who was shot yesterday) Zimmerman was and still is called a monster, and a criminal, and was even publically chastised by the president - Then Zimmerman shows America what kind of Monster he is by saving a family of four from a burning overturned truck! (Obama can’t see nothing coming right now can he!) The difference between this “monster,” and the one in the White House is - The Monster in the White House has yet to be charged for the death of 221 children in reckless drone strikes (Arab children count as murder too when they are negligently killed in their streets and homes; oh but it’s not about race and culture in America right?) Ironically the President of the United States of America is most likely going be the one who  kills another Arab family of four in the near future, just because they are having coffee next to another "monster" according to American and Governmental negative cultural and racial Perceptions. Who are the current “Monsters” of the World in reality, is the true question that America needs to face!