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Friday, August 31, 2012

Turn the Page: Please Don’t Rip It!

I think one of the best points Romney made in his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention was when he looked America straight in the eyes and asked them truthfully,” If you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn’t you feel that way now that he’s President Obama”. Well, if I have to look him back in the eyes and answer truthfully, I would have tell him that I should,  but I really truthfully don’t. Attacking Obama’s performance record and not the popular President personally was a brilliant move on the string pullers part.
One of the great advantages of running for office, rather than trying to hold onto office, is not having all the bold and lofty campaign promises you made in the last election come back and bite you in your but when they end up as failures or half victories.  Regardless of whether Romney wins the election in November, his party has done an incredible job in turning him into a personable, likeable, and trustworthy persona compared to the elitist robot that alienated him from voters before he decided to run in 2012. I think that putting the past disappointments of the last four years sounds tempting for voters regardless of their party affiliations. I can’t be the only one desperate to move on to somewhere, anywhere but where we are now. I am highly suspicious though of moving into Romney’s house; I have a feeling I would end up in the servant quarters with the rest of the poor people.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan Speaks

Paul Ryan touched on a subject of concern for the over fifty crowd tonight. That is the prevalent trend of our twenty something children to still live in our basements after putting up so much cash to send them through college. It seems on the mark to focus on jobs during this campaign when that is the issue on every citizens' minds regardless of what crazy is shooting who, or what dictator is getting his just rewards in the middle east.
    He was also very smart in tearing down the only real notable accomplishment of Obama's administration in being the first democrat to fulfill any type of health care reform against the raging rivers of defiance from the Republican Party.
    His mistakes on the specifics like who shut down what business or who’s responsible for that will most likely go unnoticed because who really cares anyway. Most of us secretly realize that both parties are to blame along with ourselves for not seeing it coming.
In order to cinch the election the Republican Party will have to stop pointing fingers and come up with answers and solutions rather than blame.

Make No Doubt About It People, Social Media Journalists Are the Future Of Journalism

The thing that I learned the most in journalism school is that journalism is not on the way out; it is in transition to becoming something better than it ever has been before. The old watch dog is not decrepit and failing, it has been rejuvenated back into the protector of democracy and free speech that we all as journalists have sworn to uphold and protect from the beginning, regardless of the threat to our own life, limb, and liberty. The old school and new school factions should not compete with each other, but combine together as one to form a global coalition of the protectors of free will and free speech, that no government or dictator can ever repress again. The Ideals of the modern day social media journalist have been tested in the uprisings of the "Arab Spring" and found not wanting, but empowering. The blogs and forums of our worldwide web have encouraged democratic debate not partisan division. Social media journalists are not the demons of the new age of journalism even though there are legions of them, but the followers of time tested journalistic ideals of decency, democracy, and liberty, ensuring justice for all, and putting the needs of the many before the greed and selfishness of the few. We are social media and we are here forever and always in the hearts, minds, and spirits of everyday people with the same journalistic ideals of social change, and the betterment of society. We shall remain so in spirit for as long as the spoken and written word continues to exist.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

R.N.C.: Yes We Did, Not Yes We Maybe Can.

     I do not have a great fondness for the Republican Party, but I must admit there is something very likable about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. If Obama's speech blew away the D.N.C in 2004 when he was key note speaker, Chris Christie came through in the same way for the R.N.C.
     The implicit meanings of the Governors speech were very clear to both the working man, and the man of wealth and prestige:
Big Business is your friend and big government is your enemy.
Yes we did - instead of yes we maybe can.
Democrats are purposely tearing this country apart while republicans are trying to re-unite it.
     The main points of the Governors speech were valid and rationally to the point:
The working man built America, and strong republican women helped instill the upbringing that gave the morels, ethics, initiative, and compassion to Republicans that the liberals lack.
     And all this was under the added pressure of storm Isaac.

     L.O.L., now this is what I really think. These rich uptighty whitey bastards must really be scared of this November if they are willing to put all their regular guy eggs in the basket of a Jersey stereotype of not only the Irish mob, but the Italian mob as well. Yes you did it: you killed the whole worlds economy with your selfish greed, fueled by your intense fear of having to live in America as most of us who aren’t them have to; poor and struggling every day of our lives just to get by so rich pricks like Romney can lay us off two years before we can collect our f’n pensions.
     His Stepford wife was sickening enough, and this obviously desperate play by the Republic party to show off their "average guy" was actually a welcoming relief after I got done barfing in the kitchen sink because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time. My god do they really think the rest of us are really that stupid just because our parents didn’t have the money to keep us out of fighting their distracting profitable wars for every one of their defense cronies while the country go’s bankrupt, or pay their way through doctor and lawyer school.
     Their play on yes we can with yes we did, in one state, is barely believable by anyone not totally a mindless zombie infected by political party Voo-Doo dust, (both sides, not just theirs) that have no real minds or opinions of their own. The inference that big business is more trustworthy than big government will be hopelessly lost on all those who lost their small businesses, homes, savings, and stock portfolios by the incredibly rich getin richer schemes to be even richer at the expense of not just the usual poor, (their standard stock of victims) but greedily going after the middle class's life savings as well.
   Well I guess that’s enough venting for now, but I’m not willing to give them a celebratory cigar just yet: mostly because I can’t even come close to affording their brand. My advice to all the voters in this upcoming election  is to take both parties promises as they are, empty except for the standard piles of shit that they are traditionally full of.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Never Ending Shooting Spree of the New Millennium

     Come on people! Are we just going to sit back and pretend this epidemic of indiscriminate shooting sprees isn’t really happening? Do you really want to be led like sheep to the slaughter by your own inaction? Lamb chops and sweaters are not going to protect us and neither is the government unless we force them to take a stand and quit worrying about their own selfish political agendas and actually stick their own necks out instead of ours,  calling for rational gun control nationwide immediately. There is no valid reason for an average citizen to need assault weapons or body armor. If you need a handgun to carry around with you, you better have a damn good valid reason like being a body guard or transporting diamonds or something, because saying you need a gun to protect yourself from people with guns just doesn’t cut it for the rest of us anymore. If you can’t protect your home or feed your family with a shotgun or single action dear rifle then why not? These are all valid rational questions that common sense dictates should have already been debated and acted upon if it wasn’t for greed, macho bravado, and self-serving politics. It is time for all of us to realize that we are creating and manifesting our own Armageddon not just in our own country but throughout the entire world.
     Write your state representative and senator regardless of what parties they represent; let them know you expect swift and decisive action without any more endless stonewalling, flip flopping or bureaucratic nonsense. Our men, women, and children are being gunned down in the streets before are very eyes for no apparent reason but that they lived. These shooting sprees are a direct threat and affront to our very right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. These maniacs do not care if their victims are democrats or republicans, so why is rational gun control a political issue? The next ruthless killer is not going to base his aggression on your ethnicity, party affiliation, sexual orientation, or social status; he will single you out for death simply because you exist. How about if all of us decide to choose our next president based on his abilities to give a crap about us instead of their own parties political agendas. Wouldn’t that be a surprising and refreshing change from the same old same old and empty promises of change? It is time to change our status as human sheep and choose to take action before some lunatic with an assault weapon or five semi- automatic hand guns decides to choose death for you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

From Our Cold Dead Hands!

                  The Right to Bear Arms VS. The Right Not To Be Shot.
      The Second Amendment: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
     Militia- The trouble with the broad interpretation and wording of The Second Amendment is that gun nuts love to preach it like The New Testament. Our bill of rights as it stands allows any single individual to arm themselves like a real militia which is a dangerous and powerful thing for the average bigot or schizophrenic to be able to hold over the rest of us.
     We as everyday hardworking taxpaying American citizens should be able to also exert our basic human rights to Life, Liberty and the right not to be shot dead by some nut with a machine gun dressed in full body armor; which ironically is not part of The Second Amendment, even though the killers right to buy as much combat weapons as their credit card can handle is. The key word in The Second Amendment is, “A Well Regulated Militia”. What kind of regulated militia was “The Joker Killer” or “The Norway Shooter”, both armed to the teeth with assault weapons and body armor they most likely bought off the internet and had delivered to their front doorstep; they could probably have gotten it gift wrapped for free.
     Everyone loves to have as many rights as they can get in America, even if they don't know exactly what all of them are. Extra rights than other countries gives us a feeling of superiority that makes Americans feel extra democratically special inside. This is probably why we tell everyone we are trying to spread human rights worldwide, but then we are constantly being accused of violating human rights throughout the World. The true story is we like to hoard all the rights to ourselves to the point that we are so full of rights and ourselves, that we get violently ill all over the rest of society. This seems to be the unfortunate situation our nation's public finds itself in now. We are faced with a social disease of overly armed crazies posing a threat of not only a national epidemic of horror, pandemonium, indiscriminate violence, not to mention more brutal  killings, that will start to plague our very own lives if nothing major is done about it. The new threat of national and global terrorism is being reborn and manifested into our own people. This is very disconcerting because the next single terrorist cell is most likely going to be another delusional citizen acting out of his own crazed volition. These nuts cannot be allowed to hold more rights than the average moderately armed American citizen who feels perfectly comfortable with a deer rifle or shotgun. These weapons are  actually a useful and acceptable  tool for feeding or defending ones home from just about anything imaginable, along with a cell phone of course.
       Something drastic and intellectually heroic needs to be done immediately so the problem is not bureaucratically pondered over for another two hundred years. If we as normal hardworking citizens who just want to make a decent living, and then drive home without being shot dead, cannot rely on our government to actually do their duty and protect us, this gun violence epidemic sweeping across the country regardless of what the gun industry has to say about it, will cause us all the risk of one day facing armed maniacs in our own neighborhoods, grocery stores, religious functions, and movie theatres, no matter where we live in this country. It used to be in the old days you would hear about a restaurant shooting and automatically think it was a mob hit or civilians got caught in a cross fire between the crooks and police. Those good old days of at least rationally explainable criminal motives regarding the violence on our streets are now being taken over by the single armed to the hilt individual, who was allowed by our government to hold the power of life and death over us all. Capitalism should not mean you can play god over people’s lives just because you can afford an assault rifle, 2,000 rounds of ammunition, and full military body armor.
     Our human rights and expectations of protection from this violent gun epidemic through the security of our government is clearly spelled out in our Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be Self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable Rights. That among these is Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” We as citizens and human beings need to reclaim our rights of protection, over the rights of murderous crazies, regardless of how some nut interprets The Second Amendment. We need to re-interpret the amendment to rationally include the safety of ourselves, our children, and our children’s children from more senseless gun violence.