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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan Speaks

Paul Ryan touched on a subject of concern for the over fifty crowd tonight. That is the prevalent trend of our twenty something children to still live in our basements after putting up so much cash to send them through college. It seems on the mark to focus on jobs during this campaign when that is the issue on every citizens' minds regardless of what crazy is shooting who, or what dictator is getting his just rewards in the middle east.
    He was also very smart in tearing down the only real notable accomplishment of Obama's administration in being the first democrat to fulfill any type of health care reform against the raging rivers of defiance from the Republican Party.
    His mistakes on the specifics like who shut down what business or who’s responsible for that will most likely go unnoticed because who really cares anyway. Most of us secretly realize that both parties are to blame along with ourselves for not seeing it coming.
In order to cinch the election the Republican Party will have to stop pointing fingers and come up with answers and solutions rather than blame.