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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Holy Blues

The Devil’s Opinion to his Minion

The Devil’s Opinion to his Minion
by Brian Thomas Armstrong
Who is the darkest in the night, the devil asked his ghoul
Tis you my sire his minion spoke, but the devil corrected his tool
Tis man the devil told the demon, like an artist of pain I just enhance
the depth their darkness takes them too, by causing tragic happenstance
which gives me a chance to feed upon the blackness lurking in their souls
then lance their human hearts as well
and slowly drain their love and hope into fiery bowls from hell
The devil’s minion looked perplexed and asked his king another question
But if you didn’t make them oh so evil inside, as their good book it does say
then who did such a deed, to those so young, to this old universe
and then cruelly bound them to judgement day

The Devil Said: It was as is written in their book, my hand was not at play
Yahweh made them in his own image, and from him their darkness lays
For their heavenly God is more Yin and Yang than I can ever be
for I am all Yin which suites me well, but both is attributed to humanity.

The Devils subordinate shook its head, clearly failing to understand,
while the Devil laughed and patted its ugly head,
with one hand as the creature pondered,
and then the Devil looked at the big round world above them,
content and with an evil grin,
then he looked down at the small World
God long ago had given him,
that was still placed in his other hand

Saturday, October 17, 2015

All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic


Their kind of extremism kills, and intentionally enslaves all those of poverty, to prejudice and injustice; who do not fit the new elitist required production mold. These new world Republicans are the real masterminds and manufacturers of both American Domestic Terrorism, and are also the paid producers of long-term terrorism World-Wide as well. It is their main business staple and means of public control. They are the true Enemy of State and Citizen! And they are also a dangerous enemy to all innocent everyday people, who are just trying to make a simple living around the World. BTA

The sleeping ignorance of some people’s waking realities

The sleeping ignorance of some people’s waking realities

To equate the oneiric meanderings of one’s slumber too one’s waking life as well, creates a daily mental atmosphere of sleepwalking through the inevitable realities of life. Assuming that just like in the depths of slumbering bliss, the waking ignorance of bliss will somehow create solutions to earthly problems out of thin air, as if still in wandering dream! BTA

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Obama Care 2015

The old Jewish Christian tale Of: God and the Tuna Casserole for Two

The old Jewish Christian tale Of: God and the Tuna Casserole for Two
 by BTA
   There was an old religious, pious man that had lived his life modestly selling flood insurance to his church congregation in the mountains. He had amassed a huge fortune investing his community’s insurance payments, which he hoarded away to save for better days that only grew worse with age.  One day the old miser woke up dead in a field of clouds. In the distance of the cloud kingdom was a palace of stone, with two huge golden doors at its front. 
   The old man picked his dead self-up, and then proceeded to make his way towards the great palaces’ doors. After walking for what seemed like hours, he reached the entrance to the palace. The old man knocked on the gigantic golden doors with his frail old knuckles. There was no answer for a short while, but then a small ruckus could be heard behind the large, broad doors and finally, they opened up with an ongoing loud resounding creeeeeeeek! A short, bald portly old man with gray hair and an equally gray originally white robe, stood before the recently alive, but now dead, rich old man in the entryway of the enormous palace.
   “Can I help you?” The portly old bald man in the fading gray robe asked. “Why yes! I believe you can,” said the old dead man, “I am looking for God. I have come to reap my heavenly rewards for being a pure, pious Christian my entire life.” “Oh! Well, eh, welcome,” said the man in the used-to-be-white, but now-is-obviously-going-dirty-gray robe. “Come in, my dear fellow, I wasn’t expecting anyone,” he said, “I am your lord God!”
   The Lord God led the old pious miser to a great hall and told him to sit and make himself comfortable for a great feast that is to be made in the righteous dead old man’s honor.  Hours went by, while the pious old man sat in the spacious grand eating hall, filled with empty rows of dusty old tables and chairs, wondering when the others would start coming into the dining area for his honorary feast. Eventually, the Lord God tottered into the vast hall holding a smoldering square Corningware pot, which he hurriedly placed upon the table in front of the good Christian. “What is this before me? The old rich recently dead man asked God.” God Replied – Tuna Casserole. “Tuna Casserole! - The old dead man said in surprise - But where is My Honorary Feast? He loudly exclaimed” - “Stop shouting at me, God said, with a noticeable tear in his eye, it’s not easy cooking a celebration meal for two!”
The Moral of this Religious Story: Live your life not for the promises of rewards in heaven, nor riches on earth, but for the simple rewards of a good life, earned both along the way, and in the afterlife.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Big Dreams of Small Men

The big dreams of small men ripple into monumental journeys, that end up defining a man’s worth beyond big or small, rich or poor, and promote them into the higher category of great men, proven only by their own good works, and the benefits they create therein to the societies that they serve! BTA.