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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

In the Alley of Love

In the Alley of Love
by Brian Thomas Armstrong
I’m in the Alley of Love
Pissing on a red brick wall
Don’t give a shit
I don’t give a fuck at all
I’m always on a side-step
That becomes a one-way street
Trying to catch-up
And I’m always swimming upstream
To a nightmare, once a dream
When it comes to my love
It always seems to be extreme
To love and have become so lost
In an emotional cardboard box
Is to never want to love again
I’m in the Alley of Love
And I’m living in my lovers sin  

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Reparation for Slavery???

Reparation for Slavery??? – Ever Heard of the Genocide of Millions of Native Americans – Where’s the Fading Memory and Acknowledgment of That – Let Alone Talk of Reparation???

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love is Light when you’re in Darkness

Love is Light when you’re in Darkness
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

We can be our own worst enemy sometimes!
Love yourself and have faith in you
Take pride in everything you do
When you fail don’t feel a failure
Pick yourself back up and look to your future
Everyone sometimes loses hope
Feels like their at the end of their rope
But the difference between you and them
Can be the way you persevere and try again
Always remember that we can also be
our own best supportive friend!

How will Bernie Sanders pay for it all?

Why are Simple Truths so hard to Comprehend in America?

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Devil’s Wandering Eye

The Devil’s Wandering Eyeby Brian Thomas Armstrong
The Devil’s eye is wandering
looking everywhere far and wide
Many people think that he creates their sin
while their guilt they try to hide
He waits patiently as God sorts them out for him
The Devil doesn’t need their damnation to foretell
He has no need to promote their crimes
He just waits patiently to greet them all
when God casts them down to Hell
Then the people plead and beg to him
saying it’s the Devils will that they promote
While the Devil shakes his head in disagreement
as he sits there, smiles, and gloats