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Monday, August 24, 2015

Jeb Bush is an Anchor Head: Please throw overboard A.S.A.P.

Isn't it great when Republicans exhibit our worst American traits - Blaming the World outside the United States for all of our own inadequate laws and self-made flaws - Well, we now know how "good ol Boy" Jeb Bush will set our economy straight and represent us to the Globe again as president. Cast the blame on the Asians and Invade them - I got a new term for the whole Bush Clan though - Anchor Heads! - Now I just wish someone would throw them overboard. #socialhysteria 

Why American Capitalists are terrified of any form of Socialism

Seemingly Irreconcilable differences between Human beings - melts away when food, shelter, and basic necessities are abundant for all. This fact is what terrifies capitalists so much about Socialism - They know that prosperity for all will threaten their stranglehold on the elitist divisions of American society, and the wanton fear, greed, and poverty that keeps the Rich in Power will no longer exist for them to manipulate. ‪#‎socialhysteria‬

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Life’s Alternate Cosmic Dimensions of Individual Realities - By BTA.

Reincarnation Exists – But not in the terms of this planet's particular physical Human perception of Worldly existence. But instead, in the mirrored but not identical representation of one’s half spiritual - half physical - alternative selves. Not in this “World,” but in cosmic reality’s next individualized progression of the Human spiritual evolution of Self-awareness, within the confines of the actual unseen multi-layered Cosmic Universe itself.  
Thus, mortality and immortality become inconsequential technical terms that describe only concepts of our current Earthly existence, but not representative of our “True” entity’s corresponding “Realities” in terms of our Spirit’s God given supernatural abilities to travel upon physical “Death,” into the next page of our life’s limitless “Book of Creation,” in which is written all of the endless onion layers of our personal realities; that simultaneously co-exist together in the actual alternative “Physical” dimensional “Reality” of our multi-directional cyclopean existence in our ever-expanding shared progressive Universe, which eventually implodes into itself when it reaches the end of its ever-repeating cycle, known to the ignorantly fearful as Armageddon, and to the spiritually enlightened Gnostics as the Great Breath of the Father of Limitless Light.                         

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bernie Sanders walks over bushes in Seattle

 8/8/15 - Awesome Day in Seattle! Bernie Sanders held a rally at the Alaska Airlines Arena in the University of Washington and filled the arena to capacity before the rally even started – There were still hundreds of people outside who could not get in, so Bernie Sanders came out of the arena and stepped over a small hill of landscaping bushes alongside the arena building and through the crowd with no security, just to talk to everyone who couldn’t be inside. A True Man of the People for the People! #socialhysteria