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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Life’s Alternate Cosmic Dimensions of Individual Realities - By BTA.

Reincarnation Exists – But not in the terms of this planet's particular physical Human perception of Worldly existence. But instead, in the mirrored but not identical representation of one’s half spiritual - half physical - alternative selves. Not in this “World,” but in cosmic reality’s next individualized progression of the Human spiritual evolution of Self-awareness, within the confines of the actual unseen multi-layered Cosmic Universe itself.  
Thus, mortality and immortality become inconsequential technical terms that describe only concepts of our current Earthly existence, but not representative of our “True” entity’s corresponding “Realities” in terms of our Spirit’s God given supernatural abilities to travel upon physical “Death,” into the next page of our life’s limitless “Book of Creation,” in which is written all of the endless onion layers of our personal realities; that simultaneously co-exist together in the actual alternative “Physical” dimensional “Reality” of our multi-directional cyclopean existence in our ever-expanding shared progressive Universe, which eventually implodes into itself when it reaches the end of its ever-repeating cycle, known to the ignorantly fearful as Armageddon, and to the spiritually enlightened Gnostics as the Great Breath of the Father of Limitless Light.