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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The 2012 Presidential Election: Whose Rights are Being Represented?

America is desperate for jobs and a measurable improvement in the economy after four hard years of continued recession. Both parties are very aware of the public’s growing impatience with being stuck in financial limbo where nothing gets much worse, but nothing gets much better either.

Another important aspect of a democratic election also involves people’s rights and grievances, and the representation of those rights in Washington, DC.  With neither party willing to give clear specifics on the issues  such as: Gay rights, Immigrants’ rights,  the rights of the rich to lower taxation, the rights of the poor to Social Services, and Minority American’s rights; we as voters have a much harder choice in November if little or no real specifics are to be given out to the public on these core American social issues.

If we start with the political issue of gay rights, President Obama has been bold enough to step up to the plate and endorse gay rights , at least personally as a family man, and a politician. Mitt Romney’s  views on the subject are a bit more vague, he states that of course he disagrees with discrimination in the work place or publicly. He stops about there on gay rights and is quick to repeat the party mantra that marriage is defined as Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

On the subject of Immigration, Obama is busily trying to apologize to the Hispanic vote for not fulfilling his campaign promises on immigration reform four years ago, while riding on his policy of “proprietorial discretion”, which basically promises not to deport the Mexican communities friends and family members unless they have to. Romney on the other hand is not held back by unfulfilled campaign promises that plague Presidential incumbents. Romney gave a somewhat vague and standard response to the Republican National Hispanic Assembly Convention in Tampa, Florida in 2011 when he told the Hispanic community in so many words that “Legal immigrants are wonderful, but I don’t like illegals”. Mitt Romney’s views have not changed much since then, and his main campaign solution to illegal immigration is to reinforce the fortifications of our Mexican border.

When it comes to who should pay more taxes, the rich or the poor, both candidates differ greatly on the issue. President Obama adamantly believes that the rich should be happy and willing to pay more taxes than the poor, given the blessings they receive.  Romney’s tax plan revolves around the corporate world’s needs and those Americans who make at least over a quarter million a year. His tax focus for America is more in the lines of reducing taxes for the upper class citizen by cutting corporate, investment, and estate taxes.

Welfare is a one sided issue in this campaign , Mitt Romney says there is a safety net and that’s all we as a nation owe the poor for a limited time only! Obama is practically socialist in comparison to Romney’s views on social services for the poor, and the President is always spending large sums on social based programs like AmeriCorps that help local communities, he now plans to re-enforce the program to up to 250,000 volunteers by 2017 from 75,000 presently. This issue of the social responsibilities of government also goes right down party lines, but as Mr. Romney has recently learned in his campaign with his infamous 47percent comment, you must always be careful not to seem to insensitive to America’s poor.

It is obvious to both parties that Obama has the Black vote cinched, statistically and also in how Mitt Romney comes off when he tries relating to the average American. Other minority issues besides immigration and border control seem to be nonexistent in both parties agendas, I guess when the economy is the only real issue on the political debate, concerns about the rights of citizens and racial representations in America, will always take second place to jobs until this economy finally  improves.

Friday, September 21, 2012

To All the Republican Welfare Bashers Out There.

Bow down your ear, O Lord, hear me; for I am poor and needy. Preserve my life, for I am holy; you are my God; save your servant who trusts in you! Be merciful to me, O Lord, for I cry to you all day long.

Would you stomp on the food basket of Jesus, and dash it to pieces because you yourself had no need of it? Would you deny your brother food because he could not render unto Cesar? 

Republican Christians are forgetting the one question they need to ask themselves and others in all matters both Heaven and Earth; what would Jesus do?


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The 47 percent of America’s Response to Mitt Romney and His Statement: Mr. Romney, Please Insert Foot Here!

 Secretly Taped Romney Fund Raising Video.

Romney’s response to insulting forty-seven percent of Americans by inferring that they are political “victims” and are reliant on government handouts, was not well received by the working class public.  Mr. Romney obviously has no clue about the middle class or lower class.  The only class system he can seem to relate to is his upper class two percent.  I am sure that they talk publicly with each other all the time about how stupid the lower classes are. Unfortunately some large corporations tend to lose touch with their customer base, and Romney is definitely a corporate man. I personally am done with corporations being able to run national politics.

It is no wonder as of yet Mitt Romney has not been willing to acknowledge his remark as being out of touch and offensive to almost half of America. Constantly putting your foot in your mouth this late in the election game usually is a sign of a crumbling campaign that just couldn’t help or control themselves all the way to the finish line.

If Mitt Romney wants to win this election he is going to have to keep his personal views out of the campaign and focus on what people in America actually want and expect from a president for the next four years. My advice to Mitt Romney and his campaign managers is this, if you have no clue how the other class lives, either shut your mouth about it, or go read a book or something on working class citizens in order to try and understand  who they are; not to mention who you are supposed to represent in this election.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Romney’s Foot and Mouth Disease: Shoot Foot, Aim Later.

Romney’s latest shoot foot aim later statement criticizing President Obama for not immediately sending cruise missiles out I guess to kill more dangerous but misguided civilians on the ground in the Middle East; in order to restore calm and disorder to the historically hysterical and easily incited not to mention easily angered masses of the Middle East, this should be a clear heads up to America on how inept Mitt Romney is on foreign policy abroad.

Romney’s immediate response to our Nation during the tragic and tense events that unfolded on 9/11, 2012, was to call Obama’s response disgraceful  and to use inferences that Obama was actually apologizing to the terrorists for attacking us. On the internet’s social networks, I have noticed that extreme right wingers on forums also use this mudslinging tactic in a real disgraceful act of always highlighting the Presidents middle name, Hussein, to infer our president is in league with the terrorists. Romney seems to endorse and incite this sort of veiled and hateful manipulation of the masses as well.  This seems to be the new Republican kneejerk response to all the issues they do not have a clue about, in this over dramatic election year.

Who knows where Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney got his “intelligence” indicating Obama was thanking terrorists for the attacks. The closest statement that anyone can find to “back up” Romney’s  claim is one made by the American consulate in Egypt before Ambassador Stevens was killed,  “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions”. Wow Mr. Romney, I can see now how that can be a thank you letter inviting terrorists to carry out an obvious pre-planned and thought out plot to storm the embassy in Libya and kill its inhabitants-NOT!
This kind of purposefully deceitful and inflammatory rhetoric should be reserved for the makers of films like” The Innocence of Muslims”, not someone who strives to convince us he is capable of running a superpower like the United States of America.

I hope that this year’s presidential 2012 election will reflect the views of America’s voting pool, and not the self- serving ranting of a candidate so out of touch with real people, he has to rely on his own delusional fantasies to further his political career at the expense of the people he claims to represent.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens on 9/11, 2012.

The recent attacks on our embassies in Libya, Yemen, and Egypt are a sobering example of how 9/11 will continue to affect our country decades after the original 9/11in 2001. That tragedy tore our Nation apart while simultaneously it also brought us together in one united resolve to combat terrorism at its source; no matter where it hides or in what country.

I can speak for all Americans, when I say that the death of a hero like Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his three courageous body guards who died protecting him, was another terrorist blow to America and that it was also a blatant test of our commitment and resolve on the issue of global terrorism.

The latest instigator of Islamist extremist anger, seems to allegedly be a man in California named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, maker and promoter of the mudslinging campaign on Islam’s beloved  prophet Muhammad with his inflammatory film,” Innocence of Muslims”.

Now I believe in free speech, but I also believe this is a cold and calculated plan to further a personal agenda in Libya regardless of the cost to human life. I compare this form of cultural and racial propaganda to the tactics of Charles Manson when he tried in the 1960’s to start a race war in the United States with his plan to murder influential white families and blame it on African Americans.

I am glad that most of our Nations politicians have decided to keep partisan politics out of the heartbreaks of all the future 9/11’s that we are confronted with. Senator McCain was especially aware of this political ideal of common decency and respect when he refused to make derogatory statements about President Obama’s reaction to the events of 9/11 2012.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell also showed great patriotic unity when he said that Americans “will stand united in our response.” This unity as a people and not as a party is our greatest hope and strongest weapon in the war on terror.

President Obama has vowed to dispatch immediately 50 U.S. Marines to protect our people and interests in Libya, along with two Destroyers off the Libyan coast. I think this is a perfectly rational response without too much sabre rattling, not to mention minimizing the risk of further alienating ourselves from the rest of the world that still looks at our foreign objectives as somewhat sinister.

Regardless of what may happen over this latest tragedy, Americans should take a deep breath and count to ten before falling into foreign traps like the inciting of riots overseas in order to get us to do something rash and stupid. This tactic is no longer going to work for Terrorists. Another valuable tool in the arsenal against the further spread of terrorism will be, and always has been, our ability to learn from our past mistakes. We will persevere and overcome by making the right logical and rational decisions for our Nation’s future, before we even think about going back to war.