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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is the White House Dog Leaking Secrets Again?

With all the strategically beneficial secrets that were leaked from the white house in the beginning of President Obama’s  administration, It makes you wonder If it will spring more strategic leaks in the next few months until November, in order  to bombshell Mitt Romney’s chances at being elected.

The President isn’t the only one profiting on the ever growing trend of leaking secrets. The example of the Navy Seal that recently wrote and published his tell-all book on how Bin Laden was killed,  and how he was UN-armed at the time is a good one: Duh! This is also a good example of how blatant and UN-afraid the leakers are of any form of repercussions.

I guess you can call it an internet age way of thinking  brought on by too much free access to any form of information; including and especially sensitive government documents and E-mails. I guess snooping into our private business goes both ways for both the public and the government.

Well, it is good not to have too many “real” secrets between a governmental agency and the citizens it is sworn to serve. The way things are going neither side is going to have any secrets left from each other let alone any privacy. I remember when I was a kid even the teacher told you no buddy likes a tattle tale, then somehow it got turned into tell on your parents and neighbors in the eighties.

If Obama tries to boost his support by boosting some secrets and letting them slip into the media through the anonymous tipster called The World Wide Web, more power to him; he just needs to remember that if he gets caught, nobody likes a snitch!