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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Social Hysteria Bug

Social Hysteria:  When many people in a community behave or react in such an extreme and uncontrollable way due to fear, anger, and/or other emotional states.
Social hysteria, or otherwise commonly known as mass hysteria, group hysteria or collective obsessional behavior, has been around since the beginning of human history.  As long as fear has been a part of our human nature, the spread of that fear has been intentionally used for political and military advantage, or unintentionally has wreaked havoc on whole communities and societies with breaking news, a simple rumor, or coincidental happenstance that spirals out of control with dangerous, devastating, and deadly results.
Adolescent girls have notably been the main culprits of documented incidents of mass hysteria manifesting itself physically in the form of strange unexplainable medical ailments.  The most common manifestation of social hysteria in young girls is when a group of pubescent girls, usually in a school setting, all claim to be afflicted by a mysterious group illness. The latest major documented incident of this type manifested itself in the town of LeRoy, New York in 2012.  Twelve high school girls developed Tourette’s like symptoms that were rumored to be transferred to other potential victims simply by texting one another. The school was immediately tested for toxins and none were found, the strange affliction was deemed to be the work of conversion disorder, otherwise known as mass hysteria.
Early recorded incidences of mass hysteria have affected whole towns in the past, along with people of all ages and walks of life.  Adolescent girls have also and unfortunately in the past, brought upon far darker miseries on their communities with their outbreaks of mass hysteria. The most famous American incident of documented social hysteria is of course, The Salem Witch Trials of Massachusetts.  In 1692 four adolescent girls began to have uncontrollable fits that were blamed on witchcraft, and after the mass hysteria cleared finally, 25 citizens of Salem and its surrounding communities were put to death for being witches or witch sympathizers.
Pubescent girls can’t be entirely blamed for mass hysteria and conversion disorder though, one of the earliest and most famous incidents of mass social hysteria happened in Strasbourg, Alsace in 1588 while it was part of the Holy Roman Empire. A  portion of the town’s residence decided to go outside and dance in the streets for hours uncontrollably, then after days of no rest the towns people literally started to fall dead where they danced  due to heart attacks, fatigue, and exhaustion after days of pure unstoppable human social hysteria.
Mass hysteria has been a driving force in the old world’s public, political and societal history, and with today’s lightning quick social media entity driving our future it  will certainly continue to rear its dangerous ugly head  even in these modern “enlightened” times. One may not be able to always control human nature nor mass hysteria, but being aware of its impact on your community, country, or world is a positive step towards finding immunity from catching the affliction yourself.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Land of the Free?

Do you still believe them when they tell you this is the land of the free - More like the land of the selfish and gullible apathetic!

Recipe for Disaster

Friday, April 25, 2014

Whistleblower in the Morning’s Mist - by Brian Thomas Armstrong

Whistleblower in the Morning’s Mist
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

The Whistleblower’s flute plays its shrill song as it echoes in the morning’s mist of the surrounding woods outside the giant intricately painted canvas Teepee.

The sand painting on the ground inside the Teepee is almost finished as the dark Otshee Monetoo that hides within me is partly ejected through my guts as I heave black bile from my mouth to the ground and the sand painter stifles an inner groan as he destroys the intricate colored masterpiece he has toiled over.

The peyote tea was strong medicine and I have forgotten how many days it has been since I entered the sacred circle within.

I hear the shrill whistle of the Whistleblower outside the Teepee as I recover from my retching – shreeeeee shreeeeee shree shree shreeeeee shreeeeee, the only reality that is left to me is here, and I focus on the small fire that crackles in the middle of our circle and keeps the tea warm, flaring in puffs of colored smoke as the Shaman tosses strange fragrant powders into the flames.

A young couple tries to leave the circle of the giant tent but they are stopped at the door and sternly told to sit back down and return to it lest they break the strong magic, and risk a black cloud raining down misfortune on us all for angering and disrespecting the spirits that were called upon by the Shaman.

How long has it been? How much longer can I last? Are they killing me?

Once again the Otshee Monetoo that hides within me is partly ejected through my guts as I heave black bile from my mouth to the ground and the sand painter stifles an inner groan again as he once more has to destroy the intricate colored masterpiece he has toiled over.

Once again I hear the shrill whistle outside the Teepee as I recover from my retching – shreeeeee shreeeeee shree shree shreeeeee shreeeeee.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Worth of a Mans Life

Your own perception of a good life is what is recorded in your heart, and pumped through your blood for judgment in the after-life when you stand before your maker. God cares not of what others judgmental perceptions of someone's life is when it is not their own. Your own learned perceptions through your own experiences when alive in this world, and the actions and choices you made along the way regarding the tests that were on the pages in the great pre-written book that is life. That is what truly matters to god, and that is what a man truly owns when he sees God for himself. At that time God truly sees who and what that man really is, and where he is destined to.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Republicans: Is Jeb Bush their only option in 2016?

Republicans: Is Jeb Bush their only option in 2016?

I say good for us all if Jeb Bush runs in 2016, then Hillary would be a cinch for President  - We would have a strong president that everyone respects in Hillary Clinton because of her accomplishments not her color or gender, one who actually has the experience and the personal integrity to back up an American presidency and keep our allies our allies,  not to mention one who would know and understand as a mother that even one innocent child's life is not worth the easy drone strike a coward takes to eliminate a politicians perceived threat to the U.S rather than a proven one. Oh well - history repeats itself by trusting women in our society with the vote second once again, valuing the strategic political pull of one’s racial status in American society over the ones that raised us, teaches us right from wrong, and loves us unconditionally regardless of our faults - The Strong Women in our lives of every race color and dimensions are the true time tested heroes of our society. Too bad - 8 more years of a prosperous "Clinton Era" would have come in handy in 2008.

Click Here to Read the Full “The” Article: Republicans are realizing that Jeb Bush is their only option in 2016


Social Chaos by Brian Thomas Armstrong

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Thorns of Life

The Thorns of Life  by Brian Thomas Armstrong

Thorns were cast on fertile ground
while seeds were thrown on coals
From the thorns grew evil souls
From the seeds grew fire
The flames grew into funeral pyres
as evil souls were tossed
When the purifying fire did cease
the angels they did rest
after casting seeds on fertile ground
from souls who passed the test.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Before there was Nothingness

Before there was Nothingness
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

In the Beginning there was Nothing
Except for what Existed 
A spark ignited the Darkness
And fire was Born
Burning in the Earth
Waiting for what Existed Before

Before there was Nothingness - by Brian Thomas Armstrong  -

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GM Murder

We bail GM out with our tax dollars for having bad business practices while their CEO’s give themselves millions of dollars in bonuses and raises while putting thousands out of work.  Then they pay America back by pompously and purposely letting our citizens’ die for a decade to save another buck. This time no bail out, it’s time to sit back, do nothing for GM, and watch them die for a decade with no help in sight until it’s too late – Now that’s Justice! 

Obama Care: Take Your Medicine Middle-class

What a victory - 7,000,000 people signed up for health care they still can't afford under threat of more fines and selective overtaxing for those who don't conform. What a triumph for Democracy!