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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Multitude of Gods that Influence the Earth and the Minds of Men - By BTA

The Sun God shines down his materialistic attributes upon the ancient horned God of the forest, Cernunnos, who then fills the hearts of men with lust, greed, murder, and envy. This continues to help Yahweh entrap the souls of men further upon this World, by distracting them from true Gnosis, using YHVH’s Yin / Yang to bind their souls to this existence. Only the purity of the Goddess of the Moon, Luna, has the power to cast out the petty wants and greed’s of mortal men. She does this in order to give the minds of men the powers of the intellectual Goddess of Wisdom, which men truly must have in order to evolve spiritually. This power is derived from the love of Pistis Sophia, who shines down upon the Universe, and reveals the answers to the Great Mysteries of life, with the original Light of the Limitless Father of the All. Sophia’s divine light permeates down upon us in our darkened state of enlightenment. She is the hope that guides the particles of light that were shattered from the mirror of the Great Father’s image, and then scattered across existence, and dwell within our material shells, to the fathers light. In our true enlightenment, that spark of the Father of the All finds its way back home to the Father itself, turning that accumulated light back into the original androgynous being of its true nature – Adamel, which lived long before the fallen particles of the pure light of the Father were trapped by Yaldabaoth in his dark material clay. And in this way, many on Earth are called, but few are chosen. And in this way, the first become the last, and the last become the first. And in this way, the meek of mind truly inherit the material Earth, entrapped there for eternity. And in this way, those who dare to question their mortality, and strive throughout their lives to inherit their legacy by traveling spiritually into the original fold of the one true god, to become one with the Father of Limitless Light - Become spiritually immortal like their true Father.  The Christos, Our Lord and Savior, told his disciples: “You misunderstand me; I have not come to save the World, but to set it aflame and tend to it as it burns.” Because man will never reach the Limitless Love of his Father, until he breaks away spiritually from Mother Earth’s material entrapments, both good and bad – Both Yin and Yang.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders: Serve wealth or serve the people

The Choice is Clear - Continue to chase an American dream that is only a nightmare of empty promises for the poor - Or choose citizen empowerment for the masses in order to help end centuries of servitude to the rich and powerful few. BTA