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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Lock-Her-Up Lemmings

The "Lock Her Up" lemmings are just brainwashed Trumpkin Heads that mindlessly follow Trump’s demeaning personal attack catch-phrases that he daily tweets and regularly repeats at his self-serving rally's. He does this in order to distract his shrinking close-minded base from actually using non-bias reason in their thought processes, and thus, then start to form their own well-founded beliefs, which are based on actual facts; rather than the president’s strategic half-truths and accusations based on downright hearsay. Public positive social enlightenment is something that Donald Trump rightly fears BIGLY! – BTA 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dont Trust Trumpkins

Androgynous Military

Let me ask this to actual vets who know the military medical system - can you see the military actually handing out expensive sex changes - it's hard enough just getting a tooth fixed let alone your private parts - nobody said they would be joining the military in exchange for sex changes - Homophobes are just too chicken in 2017 to be honest in public and do not have the BALLS to say they still see LGBTQ people as having a mental disease.

Age-old American political factions

We have two parties but three age old political factions that balance each other out in checks and balances - Two obvious, Liberal and Conservative, and one vitally necessary to the welfare of the average American citizen, but purposely underlying and hidden from view - The Socialists. All are needed in order to make American democracy work - As foreseen and instituted by our Founding fathers.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

What Republicans and Democrats Need to Understand

What both major American political parties need to change is the self-centered ideology that the slight majority has the ethical right to dictate, meddle, and interfere with the lives of the slight minority. – BTA