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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Monster behind my Door

The Monster behind my Door
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

The Monster behind my door
Is the one that I adore

It keeps me insane
When my World’s inane

It makes me want no more
Providing all my needs behind my door

I have no love or trust
The monster turned them both to dust

It replaced them with my precious
Hatred, lust, distrust and fear

I’m in my monster’s embrace forever more

But not in a loving healing way

Just in a way that’s very popular today


Monday, January 25, 2016

Donald Trump: Shooting his own Voter Base in 2016

WOW! The GOP strategy for the 2016 Election keeps taking bizarre turns, but when Trump said he could shoot his voter base with impunity on the streets of New York City, and still win the election, it got even weirder. But, who am I to interfere with trumps wishes – As long as he sticks to his own Republican
voter base, fine with me! #socialhysteria


Beautiful Disaster

Friday, January 22, 2016


Donald Trump's Secret Identity


                                            I KNEW IT!

In my Day, Guns were for Pussies!

In my Day, Guns were for Pussies!
It was something that was available in a pinch
if another faction broke the rules, but it was left
in your wall locker or under your mattress at home.
And if you were dumb enough to break the code
and bring a Gun to an already established Knife fight,
God have mercy on you or your clan if you were dumb
enough to break the rules. All clans would take yours
out by taking their Guns out of storage.

So all you open carry nuts – Claiming you’re protecting
us from ISIS – Or you “supposed” gang bangers who
shoot unarmed innocents to prove how down you are.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


CAPITALISM by Brian Thomas Armstrong
To keep my pockets full of gold
I’d sell the Devil young and old
So keep your wits
Don’t turn your back
Or with Satan’s greed I will attack

Donald Trump: Make America Great

Donald Trump: Make America Great Again

We’re going to make America great again, make it great. First thing we will do is get rid of the unions, you don’t need them; work hard and you’ll be fine, just fine. Unions are terrible people, just terrible. Don’t like them. I like rich people; everybody will be rich when I’m President. No more poor people, their disgusting, just disgusting. You’ll be able to walk around shooting guns. Spit on immigrants and colored people. It will be legal under a Trump presidency. It will be amazing what we will do to this country, just amazing - You’ll See!