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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Republicans: Is Jeb Bush their only option in 2016?

Republicans: Is Jeb Bush their only option in 2016?

I say good for us all if Jeb Bush runs in 2016, then Hillary would be a cinch for President  - We would have a strong president that everyone respects in Hillary Clinton because of her accomplishments not her color or gender, one who actually has the experience and the personal integrity to back up an American presidency and keep our allies our allies,  not to mention one who would know and understand as a mother that even one innocent child's life is not worth the easy drone strike a coward takes to eliminate a politicians perceived threat to the U.S rather than a proven one. Oh well - history repeats itself by trusting women in our society with the vote second once again, valuing the strategic political pull of one’s racial status in American society over the ones that raised us, teaches us right from wrong, and loves us unconditionally regardless of our faults - The Strong Women in our lives of every race color and dimensions are the true time tested heroes of our society. Too bad - 8 more years of a prosperous "Clinton Era" would have come in handy in 2008.

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