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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The 47 percent of America’s Response to Mitt Romney and His Statement: Mr. Romney, Please Insert Foot Here!

 Secretly Taped Romney Fund Raising Video.

Romney’s response to insulting forty-seven percent of Americans by inferring that they are political “victims” and are reliant on government handouts, was not well received by the working class public.  Mr. Romney obviously has no clue about the middle class or lower class.  The only class system he can seem to relate to is his upper class two percent.  I am sure that they talk publicly with each other all the time about how stupid the lower classes are. Unfortunately some large corporations tend to lose touch with their customer base, and Romney is definitely a corporate man. I personally am done with corporations being able to run national politics.

It is no wonder as of yet Mitt Romney has not been willing to acknowledge his remark as being out of touch and offensive to almost half of America. Constantly putting your foot in your mouth this late in the election game usually is a sign of a crumbling campaign that just couldn’t help or control themselves all the way to the finish line.

If Mitt Romney wants to win this election he is going to have to keep his personal views out of the campaign and focus on what people in America actually want and expect from a president for the next four years. My advice to Mitt Romney and his campaign managers is this, if you have no clue how the other class lives, either shut your mouth about it, or go read a book or something on working class citizens in order to try and understand  who they are; not to mention who you are supposed to represent in this election.