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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens on 9/11, 2012.

The recent attacks on our embassies in Libya, Yemen, and Egypt are a sobering example of how 9/11 will continue to affect our country decades after the original 9/11in 2001. That tragedy tore our Nation apart while simultaneously it also brought us together in one united resolve to combat terrorism at its source; no matter where it hides or in what country.

I can speak for all Americans, when I say that the death of a hero like Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his three courageous body guards who died protecting him, was another terrorist blow to America and that it was also a blatant test of our commitment and resolve on the issue of global terrorism.

The latest instigator of Islamist extremist anger, seems to allegedly be a man in California named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, maker and promoter of the mudslinging campaign on Islam’s beloved  prophet Muhammad with his inflammatory film,” Innocence of Muslims”.

Now I believe in free speech, but I also believe this is a cold and calculated plan to further a personal agenda in Libya regardless of the cost to human life. I compare this form of cultural and racial propaganda to the tactics of Charles Manson when he tried in the 1960’s to start a race war in the United States with his plan to murder influential white families and blame it on African Americans.

I am glad that most of our Nations politicians have decided to keep partisan politics out of the heartbreaks of all the future 9/11’s that we are confronted with. Senator McCain was especially aware of this political ideal of common decency and respect when he refused to make derogatory statements about President Obama’s reaction to the events of 9/11 2012.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell also showed great patriotic unity when he said that Americans “will stand united in our response.” This unity as a people and not as a party is our greatest hope and strongest weapon in the war on terror.

President Obama has vowed to dispatch immediately 50 U.S. Marines to protect our people and interests in Libya, along with two Destroyers off the Libyan coast. I think this is a perfectly rational response without too much sabre rattling, not to mention minimizing the risk of further alienating ourselves from the rest of the world that still looks at our foreign objectives as somewhat sinister.

Regardless of what may happen over this latest tragedy, Americans should take a deep breath and count to ten before falling into foreign traps like the inciting of riots overseas in order to get us to do something rash and stupid. This tactic is no longer going to work for Terrorists. Another valuable tool in the arsenal against the further spread of terrorism will be, and always has been, our ability to learn from our past mistakes. We will persevere and overcome by making the right logical and rational decisions for our Nation’s future, before we even think about going back to war.