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Friday, September 7, 2012

Obama Offers America: A Future Filled With Hope.

President Obama did a great job of not being out-shined on stage in his speech to the DNC. His speech showed us he is not the same naive idealist who took over as president four years ago.
When the President told the Nation, “I won’t lie to America”, he made a good attempt of winning some trust back from his constituents. Obama’s spin on foreign policy with his inference that the Republicans were in fact the naive ones when it came to dealing with people overseas was heard loud and clear.
 He told the country once again of his commitment to Israel, that was also a good job of turning the hidden politics of religion around. His main strength on stage that Romney couldn’t compete with was Obama’s air of sophistication that Romney would kill for.
Romney is more likable now than he was, but there are too many other things in politics that he hasn’t mastered yet. The President’s statement about the People who voted him into office are the real administers of change was obvious audience pandering. It is still going to be tough for the undecided this year.