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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

R.N.C.: Yes We Did, Not Yes We Maybe Can.

     I do not have a great fondness for the Republican Party, but I must admit there is something very likable about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. If Obama's speech blew away the D.N.C in 2004 when he was key note speaker, Chris Christie came through in the same way for the R.N.C.
     The implicit meanings of the Governors speech were very clear to both the working man, and the man of wealth and prestige:
Big Business is your friend and big government is your enemy.
Yes we did - instead of yes we maybe can.
Democrats are purposely tearing this country apart while republicans are trying to re-unite it.
     The main points of the Governors speech were valid and rationally to the point:
The working man built America, and strong republican women helped instill the upbringing that gave the morels, ethics, initiative, and compassion to Republicans that the liberals lack.
     And all this was under the added pressure of storm Isaac.

     L.O.L., now this is what I really think. These rich uptighty whitey bastards must really be scared of this November if they are willing to put all their regular guy eggs in the basket of a Jersey stereotype of not only the Irish mob, but the Italian mob as well. Yes you did it: you killed the whole worlds economy with your selfish greed, fueled by your intense fear of having to live in America as most of us who aren’t them have to; poor and struggling every day of our lives just to get by so rich pricks like Romney can lay us off two years before we can collect our f’n pensions.
     His Stepford wife was sickening enough, and this obviously desperate play by the Republic party to show off their "average guy" was actually a welcoming relief after I got done barfing in the kitchen sink because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time. My god do they really think the rest of us are really that stupid just because our parents didn’t have the money to keep us out of fighting their distracting profitable wars for every one of their defense cronies while the country go’s bankrupt, or pay their way through doctor and lawyer school.
     Their play on yes we can with yes we did, in one state, is barely believable by anyone not totally a mindless zombie infected by political party Voo-Doo dust, (both sides, not just theirs) that have no real minds or opinions of their own. The inference that big business is more trustworthy than big government will be hopelessly lost on all those who lost their small businesses, homes, savings, and stock portfolios by the incredibly rich getin richer schemes to be even richer at the expense of not just the usual poor, (their standard stock of victims) but greedily going after the middle class's life savings as well.
   Well I guess that’s enough venting for now, but I’m not willing to give them a celebratory cigar just yet: mostly because I can’t even come close to affording their brand. My advice to all the voters in this upcoming election  is to take both parties promises as they are, empty except for the standard piles of shit that they are traditionally full of.