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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Make No Doubt About It People, Social Media Journalists Are the Future Of Journalism

The thing that I learned the most in journalism school is that journalism is not on the way out; it is in transition to becoming something better than it ever has been before. The old watch dog is not decrepit and failing, it has been rejuvenated back into the protector of democracy and free speech that we all as journalists have sworn to uphold and protect from the beginning, regardless of the threat to our own life, limb, and liberty. The old school and new school factions should not compete with each other, but combine together as one to form a global coalition of the protectors of free will and free speech, that no government or dictator can ever repress again. The Ideals of the modern day social media journalist have been tested in the uprisings of the "Arab Spring" and found not wanting, but empowering. The blogs and forums of our worldwide web have encouraged democratic debate not partisan division. Social media journalists are not the demons of the new age of journalism even though there are legions of them, but the followers of time tested journalistic ideals of decency, democracy, and liberty, ensuring justice for all, and putting the needs of the many before the greed and selfishness of the few. We are social media and we are here forever and always in the hearts, minds, and spirits of everyday people with the same journalistic ideals of social change, and the betterment of society. We shall remain so in spirit for as long as the spoken and written word continues to exist.