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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Ordered Chaos of 369

The World was created in weights and measures. This means that you are surrounded by, and every molecule in your body is held together by, a complex mathematical equation computed by God, that encompasses all aspects of, and all calculations of past, present, and future, combined together and pre-equated in a looping circle of life that is our material existence. (BTA)

LIFE IS A SIMPLE AND COMPLEX EQUATION, It’s just that our math is a little rusty!

Do You Remember?

                                   # 1.  9 X [1 + (13 – 5) Div. By 2]


Ø  Remember the rules of 369 and you shall divide and conquer times two.


# 2.  Write 72 as a product of prime factors.


Ø  The answer to your problem is thrice timed by the duality that lives within 6.


# 3.  2 Times 3 to the Third Power Div. By 9




Ø  The numbers of the ultimate total if combined equals 9.