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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The 14 Billion Dollar Floating “Death Star” that is more important than the future of Americas Children

Hey all you parents who had babies in 2012, congratulations! About now you are thinking about your child’s future, and in a few more years when they learn to talk; when they are going to move out of the house!

Well unfortunately you do not have much help coming from the Federal Government except for maybe some interference into your personal lives and parenting skills by some ever-zealous under qualified government agency.

The United States Government that claims to represent you would rather sink all your hard earned tax dollars into a new toy, (Floating Death Star) rather than your children’s futures. The newest most expensive Aircraft Carrier ever made on Earth, the USS Gerald Ford, (anyone old enough to remember the Un-elected by the people, President Gerald Ford, has to snicker a little bit) is one more example of how the Federal Government thinks more war is more important than spending it on their citizens health and welfare. It is obvious that they plan to use this monstrous weapon to uphold/enforce the dominance and supremacy of the United Corporations of America over all the world populations heads in order to force their will and self-interests on every nation on the globe through extortion and intimidation.

Here is an example of what 14,000,000,000 dollars could do for the newest U.S. citizens born in 2012 if America truly was the Kinder, Gentler nation of the New World Order it claims to be.

Approximately 4 Million babies were born in the U.S. last year in 2012, if the 14 Billion for the construction of the Aircraft Carrier was divided by the 4 Million babies that would give every child born in 2012 about $3,500 to invest in a CD (federally Insured up to $250,000). At the current average percentage rate for that amount saved of 1.8%, after 17 years that would add up to, and give your child approximately $13,700 to start planning their move out of the house comfortably for all, at the age of 18.

Wouldn’t that be a nicer goal for your new infant child than world domination and tyranny to look forward to when they turn 18? Remember – The U.S. government gave those same banks $700 Billion dollars in a bail out $$$$ for robbing us all blind for years! Just think of what $700,000,000,000 could and can do for every American citizen if it was used for society’s benefit, instead of the benefit of those who attempt to rule over society for their own personal gain and profit!