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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Unspoken Inequality of Famous Acquittal Aftermaths

This countries court system is a messed up opinionated, power driven, cold blooded, corporate mentality oriented fiasco of a justice system that is only actually blind to its own hypocrisies.  Luckily for it, there is a force even more hypocritical than the broken justice system itself, this system works in a duel selfish symbiosis with the court system – Its name is American Society!

Famous American Acquittal Verdicts

OJ Simpson Verdict – Good old OJ Kills two people in cold blood out of petty jealousy, one a woman and one a gay waiter.

Aftermath of Not Guilty Verdict – No riots, no mass protests to speak of, no presidential speech addressing the controversial verdict. Luckily we didn’t have to wait too long before he screwed up again and tried to rob people at gunpoint and get away with that too; didn’t work this time.

That Casey Anthony Bitch – Casey Anthony kills her young child because being a single mom is such a drag, then she proceeds to go out and party like every night is Friday night, while people still look for her dead kid she stashed in the woods.

Aftermath of Not Guilty Verdict – Society shrugs its shoulders and immediately moves onto the next social outrage. (Casey Anthony who!)

The Michael Jackson Acquittal – Career child molester Michael Jackson who likes to put wine in sick children’s pop cans and then take them back to his room at night for a romp in the toy chest, while he keeps their paid off parents strategically locked up on the other side of his giant kid trap compound in a fancy room full of amenities and their own selfish greed. If you don’t believe me just look at how fucked up Macaulay Culkin was, and is, after Michael was done with him.

Aftermath of Not Guilty Verdict – Everyone is waiting outside to cheer for him, give him more $$$$$$, stars support him and when he conveniently offs himself by accident with more injected hospital drugs that rich people get to use for no good reason simply because they are rich, in a plethora of total social hypocrisy he gets sent off  to heaven (Hell) like he was some sort of national hero while his doctor gets put on trial as a criminal; now that’s ironic justice!

Rapper R Kelly Verdict – This scumbag makes child porn with underage girls, pisses on and humiliates them while he date rapes young girls and gets off Scott free.

Aftermath of Not Guilty Verdict – Mo money! Mo money! Oh, and no one gives a shit!

And of course the mother of them all – THE RODNEY KING VERDICT!

Rodney King decides to get into a high speed chase through Los Angeles, ( a little dangerous for everyone) and when the cops finally catch him they beat the holy snot out of him like cops do to hundreds of people daily across the United States. Shockers of all shockers, the police were acquitted of all wrong doing. (Like they are across the U.S.A. everyday)

Aftermath of Not Guilty Verdict – People in the streets rob, burn, and loot their small neighborhood shop owners and neighbors who they don’t like, and also beat innocent people half to death in the streets that they don’t like, all in order to protest the cops getting away with beating people half to death in the streets.

Or was it really all about beating just one person in the streets because he was black? Who cares about all the other people who the cops abuse from every race, culture and nationality in the United States on a daily basis! Unless you are a social hypocrite you have to use the same reasoning in the Zimmerman Verdict. You should be protesting in the streets for everyone who was killed by some opinionated asshole with a gun – not just the shooting of Trayvon Martin simply because he was a black 17 year old kid who was tragically killed by a Hispanic man who got away with manslaughter – And if you say it isn’t about race, then you are not only a Social Hypocrite - You are blind to even the most basic simple truths about American Society!