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Friday, July 5, 2013

By Dividing they Conquer

Our government has intentionally put a stranglehold on the American political process by ensuring that a token two party system stays in place pretending to be rivals while in truth being two branches of the same original party in a conspiracy to divide the people of America perpetually in half by constantly pitting its own people against each other which conveniently divides all governmental powers and money in a prearranged 50/50 cut which of course leaves 0% left over for other rival political ideologies to be able to promote their causes and be represented in the American  governmental process.

Average Americans seem to have short memories and comprehensions in regards to its own histories while re-writing other countries histories to suit the American Ideal regardless of whether that version is factual or omitting key historical points.

The Democratic - Republican Party was formed and promoted in 1791 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and “split” in 1894 into our “Two” party system today in a prearranged scheme to put a lasting strangle hold on power in the “New World, “ensuring that the wealthy who ruled government then as they do now, had no challenges to the ancient secret brotherhoods of the Rosicrucian and Freemason's plans for new world domination passed down from the powerbrokers of the old Roman Empire until its rebirth in “Gods” promised land in the Americas – No great wonder why Israel was purposely added into the equation after World War II as the World Powers divided their spoils and set themselves in place for the next phase of their global secret conspiracy to rule the entire World as Demi-gods under the name of YHVH, God of all materialism composed of the light and dark energies  of the Human Animal on Earth.

This is why our government divides church and State only in name and not by action or ideology, and also why Catholics (Kennedy), whom the secret societies saw as rivals to their established ancient powers in Rome,  and any religious affiliation besides Protestant is also undermined and shut out of the political process in American Politics.

History is bound to endlessly repeat itself as the ultimate schemes of these secret societies repeat all the ancient meticulous mathematical equations of social cause and effect that allow them to be the ongoing ultimate puppet masters of the World, until the rapture gives them full and total control over the World’s population that is left behind; deeming us all inferior races to their supreme rule over the Planet as promised to them by YHVH.