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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Pen State Pain of 2011 that Still Hurts

It is about time the "Moral" Authority finally gets nailed for being immoral and un-ethical - Of course if this happened at the White House instead of Pen State College, the victims and the journalists that broke the story would be in jail or on trial right now.

There is no question about the three ex-big wigs that allowed Jerry Sandusky to rape young boys in the college’s showers being guilty as hell. Why is the big question in my mind?  If I was in charge and people repeatedly came and told me Sandusky is raping young boys in the showers, I would call the police first, call Sandusky into my office second, and then of course confront him with the charges and put him on Administrative suspension until the issue was all sorted out. If the allegations against Sandusky were found to be true, I Would Drop His Ass like a Hot Potato and then call the legal department and tell them to get some settlement checks ready.

For ex-President Graham Spanier, former vice president Gary Schultz, and ex-athletic director Tim Curley, their choices to cover up decades of blatant deviant child abuse were simply a self-serving monetary choice to ensure their cushy jobs and prestige was not jeopardized. They were then trapped by their own fears and greed into a conspiracy of the worst kind; one that held the value of money over the value of a child’s welfare.

The prosecution is right on the mark this time and social hysteria has seemed to lost interest in this case so there is not much pressure for over-prosecutorial excess in this trial. The prosecutor rational is this: “The men engaged in a ''conspiracy of silence,'' prosecutor, Bruce Beemer said.

This amounts to conspiracy to rape children on the Pen State Campus. Well they made their choices and now they will most likely get their just deserts in prison, just like Jerry Sandusky is now – Giving blow jobs surrounded by painted cinderblocks rather than receiving them!