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Monday, July 29, 2013

NO Believable Presidential Moral Authority

I petition that a vote of no confidence be put to the United States Congress calling into question President Obamas abilities to lead this country in a democratic and constitutional manner that has been set down by our forefathers in order to protect us from tyranny and dictatorship by our own governing powers. The charges and accusations set forth against the president shall include and conclude that:  President Obama has shown to have NO Believable Moral Authority in which to guide America, due to the President of the United States un-ethical foreign and domestic policies, and that his actions as President of the United States of America has run contrary to his campaign promises to the American people to the point of being intentionally deceptive to those who voted him into power.  President Obamas assurances on his election plat form that he was dedicated to  promoting governmental transparency, progressive governmental change, and social equality to America, has proven be the opposite in effect and in implementation. I state that the President has instead brought the opposite of what he has promised American Society and the United States government, solely do to the president’s inept lack of political experience in politics, his self-centered personal agendas, and his blatant circumvention of upholding the Constitution of the United States of America.
Petition of no confidence in President Obamas abilities to morally and ethically lead America.