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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

That Casey Anthony Bitch

I hate to say I told you so jury but I fucking  told you so. Now that the new evidence has come out to the light of day in this fucked up case, that was stupidly overlooked by the investigating sheriffs department in Florida,  clearly damns her with the Firefox search on her computer looking for the perfect way to suffocate someone on the day of her daughters disappearance. I don't think we need to give her even an O.J.'s benefit of the doubt anymore about her guilt.

When I heard the verdict for acquittal in the Casey Anthony trail I was shocked, then dumbfounded at how someone let alone a whole jury could be so dumb.

I have heard of reasonable doubt,  and I certainly do not like to judge,  but one look at that selfish trampy bitch and I knew she was guilty. Come on, I think everyone has met girls like her who have kids with men they don’t love, then when it comes to choosing to be a good mom, or partying all night long and looking cool jumping in every guys lap that will give her a wiggle, she will choose the wiggle over her own flesh and blood every time.

Those pictures of her partying her ass off as people still looked for her missing child was bad enough, but this latest news about the sheriff’s dept. down in Florida not seeking professional police to actually check her Firefox  searches instead of just checking unused and usually forgotten these days Internet Explorer makes me want to study law and become a prosecutor.

Once again it gets confusing who are the stupidest people in this sad saga of human depravity and intentional tragedy. My only consolation is, as it was then, that the bitch won’t even  get a job at Wal-Mart for the rest of her life! She will have to try and party on welfare wages after she pays the rent on some dump that’s low enough to take her tainted money; let alone a boyfriend low enough to want her tainted taint too.