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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Crimes of Israel and Its Self-Rightious Wars

Some things were seen by some people in advance, and it was painful that no one took the time out of their busy day to listen or care the first or second time it was explained to them. Maybe now they will understand more clearly who the real terrorists are that are hiding in our own privileged little political clicks.

Seeing it is painful for any human being with a true conscience, but not as devastatingly painful than what is inflicted on the victims of our supposedly superior egos, and the oversights of our own self-indulgences that we carelessly impose on those we purposely overlook as actual human beings.

Their brutal reality never seems to equal to our perceptions of our own righteousness. Enough words--here is just a few of a few thousand pictures that speak for themselves in peoples true and actual realities outside our safe little perfect country.

Believe me when I say it deeply saddens me to even show such horrible realities into anyone’s positive perceptions of the world we live in, and we all had a great influence in creating this reality we and they are in now.

Let’s really separate church from state from U.S. politics by separating ourselves from Israel. Believe me when I say that Jesus will fully understand our decision, and fully appreciate why we did so.