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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Washington State’s Ballot: It’s All About Controversy

 I live in Washington State  where most everyone I know has already voted for president through mail. Washington and our neighbor Oregon are the two strictly mail in voting states in the union,  giving polls headaches as to which way Washington  might have already made or broke a candidate’s big day before Nov. 6th even arrived.

It was a little weird hearing how my friends and family members voted for president all week in the past tense. One thing I found ironic was that the return envelope for the ballot required postage paid for by the voter if you put it in the U.S. mail.  

Washington State has been in some financial troubles also with a billion dollar fiscal shortfall of its own. They recently transferred their control of hard liquor from state liquor stores to the private sector for the first time since the end of prohibition in order to focus on tax collecting from hard liquor users, rather than selling booze to them.

The State Legislature has already passed an initiative legalizing gay marriage months ago that was then immediately blocked by petition from those who believe marriage is between Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. This set up the election drama and suspense in this state over another hot social issue that had me looking over my shoulder when filling out the my ballot on my coffee table so no one saw what box I checked.
Legalizing marijuana was also on my ballot and I looked around the room again, and when no one was looking checked that box as well with a smug smile on my face as I licked the envelope, placing the stamp that taxes would not pay for on it, then walked it to the street corner and dropped it in the Mail box.