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Friday, December 21, 2012

Obama’s Last Stand: American Gun Control

After years of the entire democratic parties feet dragging over gun control, and passive NRA ass kissing due to fears of voter disassociation within the gun nut crowd. I have to express my anger at the Democratic Party for only stepping up now after a grade school is massacred.

They truly were the ones that had a chance to do something about the rampant indiscriminate gun violence in our country, and turn rational gun control into something real that could have prevented tragedies like the one in Connecticut.

Fair, progressive, and conducive with the times we live in now gun legislation, even ten years ago could have drastically changed our circumstances concerning these rampant senseless shootings in America today.

Lucky for us, President Obama is on his last term and in a position to finally do the right thing about progressive gun control instead of worrying about votes.

The trouble with any form of rights is that they can become just as dangerous if not more as having no rights at all if you do not recognize the responsibilities of how you use those rights. The right to carry arms is one of those dangerous and perpetually disputed and controversial rights we have as Americans that constantly turns around to bite us in the ass when we least expect it.

That may sound like socialism slipping into communism to the far right, but being responsible does not historically include American politics, and the shady party histories and leaders on both sides that are constantly worried about their own careers, and the best interest of votes rather than voters.

Honestly and objectively thinking of the country first regardless of your personal ambitions; that is in my view the measure of a true patriot and leader.

I might not have always believed in Obama's choices, or certain overseas politics, but one feeling I have never questioned about our president is that he really does care about the health, welfare, and safety of his nation’s citizens, nor do I ever doubt his patriotism or commitment to gradual political change for the betterment of all Americans.

Unity is what our country needs right now, healing not division. We need to think about the people, the country, and what we can do to help bring us all back from the brink of our own self destruction caused by domestic individual selfish interests. An American should love all his country - not just the part that agrees with his views.

The sad fact of things is that if you Google political unity over Newtown shooting as of my search on Dec. 20, 2012, nothing pops up. That tells me right there that the only chance we have of rational workable gun control lies solely in the hands of a last term president, and a scared and divided nation over the right to bear arms.