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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Top Ten Simple Truths of Life as We Know It

The Top Ten Simple Truths of Life as We Know It
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

#1.  When governments leave their people nothing left to lose; people choose to lose their governments.
#2.  People who judge others refuse to understand others; people who understand other people refrain from judging them.
#3.  What we don’t know won’t hurt us; unless it is hurting us already and we just don’t know it.
#4. When things get tough; the weak pack up and leave as fast as they can.
#5. Life is merely an illusion you have created in order to punish yourself for being alive.
#6. Success is usually not a matter of earning it or deserving it; it is usually a matter of opportunity happening to those who were born into it, and usually need it the least.
#7. Ignorance is bliss; suffering is knowledge.
#8. It is better to be dictated by your own flawed logic than someone else’s.
#9. The only thing that you need to instill into your children is forgiveness and unconditional love; it is up to them to understand why, and then learn to use it in their own lives.
#10. A fool listens to a wise man and learns nothing; a wise man listens to a fool and learns - he does not want to be the fool.