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Saturday, June 7, 2014

After Almost 8 Years of Obama

 After almost eight years of Obama and “Democratic Rule,” can you truly say that his promises of change, government transparency, financial security, and hope for a new world of peace have truthfully been fulfilled?
Marijuana acceptance has grown momentum across the nation along with gay marriage and basic gay rights, but how much of that change was brought about by Obama’s influence over us rather than an enlightened public that was moving in that direction anyway?
Are you confident in America’s economy? Anyone who has to sell something in this country for a living can tell you that no one is buying anything.
We have become complacent with the same-old
same-old whether it is under Republican control or democratic control. How many years of false
“hope” must we be encouraged to endure before we demand real change, real results, real action, and real economic recovery? Regardless of who you vote for in 2016, remember we the people are the only ones we can count on to enact moral, legal, and financial change in our country. Listening to the same old party sing the same old song and dance over and over is only going to get you the new boss that is the same as the old boss regardless of who they claim to represent.