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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Third Time that the World Died!

A man walked up to me in my normally chaotic subconscious, an aspect of my psyche of perpetual pursuit by dark themed antagonists. I enjoy on a nightly basis the continual loops that repeat themselves over and over again in my sub-conscious dreams. Seeing how everyone is a helper or a hinder-er in the chaos that is my nightly mental conspiracy, this is all that reigns supreme in my unconscious sleeping brain during nightly struggles between good and evil that end in tragedies regardless.  I usually try to sleep without fear of the other inhabits of my dreams by ignoring them, therefore removing their power from them. I am somewhat suspicious of the unknown stranger in both my waking, or in this case subconscious realities of self, but this guy seemed way out of place in my nightly apocalyptic visions of the subconscious “Reality.” I was accustomed to a certain degree of rationalism, and this apparition was very serious and rational in the perceived message that he seemed to be trying to impart unto me, closely looking me in my mind’s eye and telling me in a calm soothing voice, “ It’s all going to be alright in the end – regardless of life’s upcoming outcomes.”