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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another Senseless American Shooting

Shifman Family Lawyer Statement:
"My client's mission in life will be to try to prevent any such tragedies from ever happening again," he said. "This country, this world, needs to address mental illness and the ramifications from not recognizing these illnesses."

Shifman said the family is "staunchly against guns" and supports gun-control laws. "They are extremely, extremely upset that anybody was hurt under these circumstances," he said.

(BTA) Statement: "It is time to stop solving our problems in America from behind a Gun - Common sense, decency, compassion, empathy, and social responsibility has always been the key, unfortunately macho mentalities and  action hero fantasies and the monetary backing of those who prosper from senseless violence that have  prevailed instead in this country  for too long - It is truly the crossroads for true "change" in this Nation, and not idle talk of lasting peace for all our countries citizens when it is politically convenient to do so, and muffled silence when it is not."