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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Man Who Dressed in Feathered Robes

The Man Who Dressed in Feathered Robes
By Tom Armstrong

To sing in the hallelujah chorus
Tore the purdah from the green skinned
And henna streaked bellies of the maids
Of Samark and lied the lie cheated
The babies fell into Hell and rose
Again to dance in the golden pavilions
In heaven the man whose hauteur was
Impeccable stripped himself naked
Marched out onto the scorched sands
Of the Haj al Jarha raised his arms
To the sky and cried Command Me!
The Lord somewhat startled said,
“Bring me a cheese Danish that
isn’t at least a day old and I will
bless thy seed for generations to come”
Oh! The man said.” I was expecting
something more spectacular.”
“You’ve come to the wrong place.”
Said The Lord.