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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The First Time We Sailed Together

The First Time We Sailed Together
By Brian Thomas Armstrong
Down, down, fell the shiny crown, as the music played a sorrowful tune
And mournful screams floated on the icy air like heavy frozen zeppelin balloons
 like tulips, one by one the bodies sprang up from the rolling watery grave
Steaming as they rose in the dark frigid waters, under the light of the April moon
That early morning brought the chill of death, giving birth to a half truth, half fable
Old loves they were lost along with the new, like bad bets on a barely used poker table
She refused passage to most of her patrons to Carpathia, saying that they were of a lower class
For they were only made of old tarnished copper and her of the finest newly polished brass 
That fair maiden that left with her 3000 suitors, would selfishly spare just 700
For nothing did she leave them to hold on to in the end as she went down still looking splendid