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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Political Social Hysteria in 2016

2016 is the year of Social Hysteria manifesting itself in the 50/50 split division of American Society, and thus in American Politics as well. It will bring us ever closer to the brink of a dark abyss of conflicting ideologies that were once in balance by being out of balance, but who are now at equal strengths, and continue to tear at each factions power base in a natural Animalistic fight to overpower the other for the future safety of their own cause/creed. Ironically, balance cannot be restored to American society until one side gains back superiority again over the other, allowing both sides to end their aggression when the continual threat of perfect division is no longer an aggravating factor in both society and politics. The Social Hysteria that is plaguing the United States in 2016 can be explained as pure human nature itself, which is also in conflict with both its human animal mental and emotional earthly presets, and the higher spiritual   conciseness of the human being.