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Monday, July 13, 2015

The Finger Paints of Chaos by BTA

The Finger Paints of Chaos
by Brian Thomas Armstrong
The malevolent finger paints of chaos
First appeared on the shabby subway walls
Everybody just walked by them with disregard
No one noticing them posted there at all
Dripping from their deleterious paper sheets
The paintings discreetly traveled up
The escalators that led them onto the dirty asphalt streets
And then they sat there all drying upon
The nescient city’s sidewalks
Silently waiting as hundreds of people quickly moved along
Biding precious time for their great leaders hands to call
Pretending that they were really doing nothing wrong
They waited for all the pernicious paintings plans
To reach their own fruition
And as soon as their baneful paint was no longer dripping wet
They gathered together in one wicked heaping pile
Knowing that all their insidious plans were set
And the towns people still walked by simplemindedly unknowing
Consciously oblivious to the finger paints of chaos
As the detrimental paintings plotted evil all the while