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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Modern America: Crime becomes a flourishing $70 billion Dollar Prison Industry

This is what it comes to, when your country cares more about the money, than humanity - Why rehabilitate when you can facilitate for cash!

Crime becomes a $70 billion industry, and prisons are now run by publicly traded corporations.
Cash strapped States sacrifice the welfare of their citizens incarcerated family members they are in legal charge of, by farming out their social responsibilities to the lowest bidder.

This practice allows private prison contractors to uphold occupancy guarantees between 80 and 90 percent full, encouraging the private prisons to actively promote a high convict recidivism rate, and disregard good behavior for early release.

Once more, America’s dark Capitalistic nature creates an “UN-Modern American Ideal of Decency, Morality, and Ethics” That is allowed to flourish under the noses of apathetic citizens, dooming us all to future corrupt and self-destructive American government approved self-tyranny.