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Sunday, April 19, 2015

1960's style bigotry in 2015 Indiana

1960's style bigotry in 2015 Indiana

It's back to 1960's style open bigotry in Indiana! Civil Rights means Human Rights and Indiana is blatantly getting away with setting the country back half a century of progress on Civil Rights, for all Americans. Is this the kind of America Republicans want in 2016? A backwards America on Civil Rights! I remember a time in the 1970’s, when businesses in Seattle could post signs saying "No Long Hairs Allowed.” Since I was a hippy kid then, I couldn't eat at certain restaurants, shop at certain stores, and I was “legally” denied employment at many places in Seattle solely because of my hair style. Think about the Air Time and Outrage that this kind of story would get now.

The people posting those signs would seem incredibly ignorant and backward today wouldn't they. It is time to start being outraged about people today who feel they have a “God Given” right to take away other people’s Civil Rights to live normally and unhindered in this nation, just like every other tax paying citizen who isn't gay. The LGBT community should be allowed the same protections under the law as any other socially established group of Americans.

First they take away your rights, then they take away your land, then they take your life or make you live in a concentration camp. Yes this was once the way it was, not just in Nazi Germany, but here in the United States of America as well. Are we doomed to allow the hateful, bigoted, self-righteous and exclusionary citizens of our country to digress our great nation back into these shameful eras of socially acceptable acts of bigotry and hate? We all know the answer to this question is – Hell No! Tell Indiana its form of facilitating and promoting fascist hatred movements will absolutely not be tolerated in 21st Century America!