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Monday, March 3, 2014

The New American State Capitalist: Pot, booze, and cigarettes; in that order.

With Washington State and Colorado taking the lead in the new American capitalistic experiment that is legal heavily taxed, heavily demanded for by the public recreational marijuana,  as long as the State of the Union doesn't spin out of control  because of new state laws such as I-502 (WA.) and Amendment 64 (CO.) other states are sure to follow Washington and Colorado like dominoes.  It seems unlikely our nation’s kids will suddenly turn to hard drugs like heroin because marijuana is so readily available now, if anything I should hope it will help steer people away from the new national epidemic of heroin deaths and addiction, given an easily accessible relatively safe alternative for self- medication such as marijuana.  A sure bet is that every state in the union will soon follow Washington and Colorado once the great experiment pays off in a few years. How could they not follow when other states see Washington and Colorado’s monumental debts disappear because of the gigantic revenue, jobs, and of course tax income that legalizing marijuana will bring to both struggling post-recession state economies?
One could say that the old “free capitalist” is returning to the modern American state business man’s attitude towards their perceived states’ rights, and the Federal Governments perceived authority over those rights. The other great American experiment happening right now is how far these states can push it with the Federal Government before having to run for cover?  In the age of the World Wide Web, the public opinion forum is truly becoming the new supreme World ruler.  This new people’s media army can and will topple governments, dictators, and the like. If enough public social hysteria is generated through social media and the Nightly Fox News Team, public perception and American drug laws can change back and forth in American history quicker than most political analysts can ever accurately keep up with or predict them.
A “free capitalist” can be likened to the good old small business owner of the entrepreneurial capitalist days of the cowboy era. Basic and simple to follow standard ethical rules consisted of: Unless it involves horse thievery, outright murder, or too much public, social, or commercial embarrassment, you can pretty much sell anything  to anyone  who wants it and will pay dearly for it, without raising to many eyebrows. Back in the 1800’s until the early 1900’s, this was just good old fashioned capitalism at its finest. In those days that was the American dream, and semi-unregulated entrepreneurship was the only true road to success for the little guy at that time.
According to a recent CBS News poll presented this past January; Americans who support legal weed finally outnumber those who don’t in American society.  It is a close divide though on the legalization issue at 51% in favor of legal marijuana, compared to 44% against. With a growing modern sentiment of indifference against marijuana, and the perceived public need to move on when it comes to weed and focus on bigger issues in American politics, and especially abroad, it won’t be long now until most the other states turn to legal marijuana to cure their financial ills. Now that neither political side cares anymore enough to try to stop the inevitable pot invasion of America, it can now be seen as a much better political and capitalistic tactic to make a profit on pot if people want it, as long as everyone can get away with it by everyone paying the right happy to take your money local authorities.  Here’s to you Washington State and Colorado for bringing back good old fashioned American State Capitalism at its best.