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Monday, June 24, 2013

The New School Socialist VS the Old School Marxist

The capitalist bourgeois art of playing both sides of the working class coin, while stealing both our wallets!
The New School Socialist VS the Old School Marxist
The new world order of Socialists have empowered themselves across the globe by standing up against oppression and old world governmental tactics of public suppression, spying on its own citizens, and fear mongering propaganda.

The old school Marxist mentality of dictatorship being a natural progression to true socialism in the aftermath of successful social revolution is based on ideologies that have become socially obsolete in the new millennium.

The people of the world have opened up their eyes and the tables have been rightly turned on a once mighty world governmental corporation that used the working class like cattle, and then butchered their lives mercilessly when they became financially non-viable to the almighty 1% puppet masters of global capitalistic society.
For true utopia to transform the Earth into a peaceful, intelligent, interacting, caring socialist network, any and all forms of dictatorship must be struck from the list of forms of democracy.

American theocracy and hypocrisy in both parties of our form of “democracy” have made the Federalist Government drunk with power and self-interests to the point of condoning their own dictatorship; these are the modern day warning signs of a failing democracy that have unsettled the world who watches from afar, or right next door.
As one more fear campaign wears off, and the American public’s awareness’ continue to acquire new mental immunities to the poison tongues of Washington DC, the Federal Government grows increasingly more desperate and  more and more resorts to the use of blatant force in order to quell its nation’s discontent.

The American proletariats are starting to realize that they have been suffering a life long struggle of being bullied and told blatant lies by the very ones who were duty and honor bound to protect their rights in the first place.
The new proletariat of the modern age is not the perceived peasants they once were a hundred years ago. Technology has surpassed our evolution physically and mechanically, but mentally social media and global cell phones, along with greater and easier access to the internet has exposed  to the Worlds proletariat workers their governmental leaders lifelong conspiracies to exploit and suppress the freedoms and powers of the people they claim to represent.

 The governments of the world combined do not have the power to stop a truly World United worker class party and society. That party will come in the form of the rebirth of the socialist ideology into a modern self-sustaining and incorruptible rational political force that will encompass the Earth in real global utopia. A bourgeois freedom will never suffice nor suppress the peoples hunger for real freedom again!