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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Letter to President Obama from (BTA) 6/30/2013

Well, I'm a far left liberal which is probably not popular with the tea party but I have to agree with one aspect of what they are currently saying - Things have gotten way out of hand with the new American World order of political correctness in this country, and that personal common sense and social educate has been replaced with a reversal of one factions intolerance being replaced with another's. As long as all your friends think it, why think for yourself is the new bandwagon that people seem to be jumping onto without realizing they are becoming the ones they used to hate. Balance is needed in all things otherwise they tip and fall at random extreme angles which disorientates and dizzies us all. This false perception is distracting us all from seeing the true universal facts of life. We are all flawed in one form or another and need to get over ourselves, and get on with our lives without infringing so much on someone else's. (BTA)