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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Floating in darkness I am senseless


   Floating in darkness I am senseless. I “feel” nothing and nothing can be felt around me. I am floating. I am something but I know not what.
    An apparition of light that dances before my mind - do I have a mind – I have no eyes. Flaming wings of light flying before my senses – I have senses.
A dark silhouette swoops in and engulfs the winged spirit. It violently wrestles with the glowing apparition in a cruel struggle of life, death, rending, tearing - fighting to snuff out its very life – If it is alive?
 I cast them both away. Striking them from me without touching them physically.  Away from my senses. Away from my being. Am I truly being? I see nothing. I can touch nothing. I feel nothing I can see. I feel only what is inside of me as I float in eternity, not knowing what was before me. Who I am now. Who can I be? Have I ever been?
      There is a shadow coming towards my mind. Movement. Mass. What is it? Does it live? Am I alive?
The scientists gathered around “the Tank” for the swing shift and all of them silently collected their data at once. George calculated the readings from the digital readouts he daily checked one by one and then analyzed what he had found. George meticulously entered the information as usual on his official LabCore IPad that he turned into data analysis every day at the end of his shift. If George didn't turn it in on time the GPS tracking system automatically kicked in and Corporate Security Services would give him a ration of shit, or in the worst case, another dreaded corporate write up again for being five minutes late turning it in. Today though, George was more concerned about the data subject than the data.
George stopped his shift supervisor Nate, and without causing attention voiced his concerns. How long has he been in there? Asked George, Three days, Said Nate. Is that authorized or even legal asked George? This guy signed away all his rights as a human being to get out of being executed for murder, what is legal these days anyway; he’s alive isn't he? But is this ethical Nate? George asked.
Nate gave George a look like he was about to relieve him of duty and George dropped the subject after Nate said in a low voice meant only for his ears, “Do we need to take this in front of a clearance review board George.” No sir! George replied, and then continued to monitor the man in the metal isolation tank sheepishly without looking his boss in the eye.
  Little did George know that he had already been turned into Nate for acting suspiciously around his other co-workers. His commitment to the corporations’ ideals had been in question for some time and Nate felt he had no other choice but to call security and have George brought up on formal charges under the Direct Corporate Threat Act of 2014 outlawing all forms of governmental or corporate whistleblowing. Nate always liked George and felt somewhat guilty for betraying him, but felt no need to endanger his position let alone his family. George should have been a better patriot; he should have learned to keep his mouth shut Nate thought to himself as the audio equipped security cameras followed him out of the room.