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Thursday, March 28, 2013

GMO Crops: The Skinny Truth on Genetically Altered Food

I would like to remind the world that is harping over genetically altered crops that the Earth is dying faster than we can fix it!

Centuries of “The Earth is here for man to exploit” worldwide cultural mentalities have severely damaged the planets ecological balance, that now hundreds if not thousands of years will be needed to reverse the effects of the things we have already destroyed.

The population is quickly becoming well beyond the capacity of the Earth's sustainability ratio, due to longer life spans and social prosperity benefited by the modern age of technology which ironically and inevitably is slowly / rapidly killing us all if the population continues at this rate of uncontrolled growth.

Earth's overcapacity and failing sustainability, along with all of the world’s inhabitants devastating carbon footprints that are growing larger and larger around the world by the second, are not as easily erased as global societies common sense has over the last couple of hundred years

 World leaders are well aware of this real impending doomsday,  because the facts and statistics are irrefutable even to the average layman; these statistics are plane for every average citizen to see and research for themselves but world governments are confidently relying on the peoples lust for material wealth, knowing the daily 9 to 5 hustle will distract the general population of the world from catching on to this fact of life / death as governments prepare to save themselves; they know that by the true nature of the problem and encroaching world crisis – they cannot save everyone.

 If they told us that either millions of people around the world need to die in the near future, or we are all going to die, we would then immediately start to panic all at once, and then the government would have anarchy on their hands to deal with as well. (Thus the reason for America’s own government quietly placing crowd control and riot squad precautions around the United States of late, re-enforcing its homeland) - So maybe giant carrots that grow in the desert, and watermelons that are the size of a small cottage in the near future, might not be such a bad thing, plus it just might buy us all some more time. The scary fact is though; it still won’t save us without drastic action and sacrifice by the majority of the world’s population.

The average selfish human being is so far not willing to commit to, nor even acknowledge the ongoing problem in order to save the entire planet - let alone its fellow human beings. So the next time you are in the grocery store spending your eagerly hard earned cash on expensive organic vegetables, saying how much you care about and support a healthy planet - look deeper and deeper into yourself, then ask yourself the cold hard question –Is healthy happy materially successful human beings the best thing for- THE PLANET!

                                                        Genetically Modified Organism Traits:

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