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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Lifelong Perseverance of Native Americans

It’s shameful how Americans are forgetting the dark part of our country's past when the federal government was plotting the extermination of Native Americans in an active conspiracy to steal their land. Today, people only correlate Native Americans with being rich and running casinos. Native American history is not taught in schools, and it’s certainly not shown to people trying to become citizens. American apathy is intentionally erasing that dark part of our history and an, "I don't want to know, that way I don't have to feel guilty" attitude, or a, "My ancestors weren't here yet, so I don't feel guilty at all." The facts are, as American citizens living on stolen land we all must have a sense of responsibility for the wrongs that our government committed in the past, just as we should be concerned with political crimes committed in the present. The obligation to remember our county’s past atrocities is ours alone. We need to remember those past nationally sanctioned crimes so that we don't ever repeat our government's past mistakes. Personal guilt should not be a defining factor when contemplating the current and past plight of Native Americans - Just the commitment of accepting and acknowledging responsibility for our country’s Guilt. We need to actively enable the healing process by addressing those great wrongs of the past, and also by offering our help, love, respect, and support for Native American communities in the present day.

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