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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Political Spider Within Us

Social Hysteria America
by Brian Thomas Armstrong
The political spider within us:

Oh, what a wicked presidential web we weave when we practice to deceive a nation ready to believe almost anything except what we’ve been told.

An open door to empty rooms of allegations, whispers of despair of what occurred within its governmental walls - As the expensive suited wolves howl sheepish calls of conspiracy that lingers in the stale Washington air.

Why are we so ready to mistrust our past and future as our infrastructure turns to rust?
Why are we so hateful of our fellow citizens, like hungry denizens, tearing each other apart?

We are told by the president to have a heart, then also encouraged to tear it apart.
We are also encouraged by Trump not to trust our justice, it’s tainted, while simultaneously being told especially not to trust the foreigners amongst us! 

Who do we trust or believe in when we are told that every news channel is like an anti-trust,  wrapping all of us up in our own silly falsehoods?

Our only hope as a society is to avoid the sticky webs of political impropriety and turn around our current dysfunctional self-created self-centered political dementia and totally abstain from the current National State of American Social Hysteria.

We, the 60s and 70s generation are the true ones to blame for our current governmental problems and societies conspiracy theorist ways. For we have perpetually and collectively conspired on both sides of the political consortium and we have also actively let it fester unhindered for decades and even let it infect our children. Transferring our growing collective apathy for one and other into our own collective violent and divisive future – Donald Trump was just our first trigger! – BTA