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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Serving the Self-serving in Perpetual War

Why Millennials want war against ISIS, but don't want to serve
A new poll shows how young Americans take a strong line against terrorism, and perhaps the Islamic State in particular, but don't trust their own government.

*This is the trouble with a vast majority of America's youth these days: They think war is like a video game that you can easily win with superior weaponry. They are also so conditioned by the media and decades of non-stop war where volunteers magically do all the dirty work, that they will constantly promote war without suffering any sacrifices, repercussions, or hardships of their own; by never actually committing their life and liberties themselves by giving selfless service to their country - Otherwise known as being privileged, spoiled, self-righteous and self-absorbed brats.  Our American Future! BTA.