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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Bought and Sold American Dream

The trouble with this Country at the moment is that true Freedom and Safety from Violence and Persecution is Bought and Sold, rather than Guaranteed in America.  Due to this New World Order version of "Liberty," the Rich skirt the "Law" with Impunity, as Special Interest groups incite Violence" with Fear Mongering and Religious-based Lies using media Anonymity, while conspirators within the Government broker it all with controlled strategically planned Social Hysteria to its Confused and Self-absorbed masses, all bowing to the Almighty dollar as their expected Savior. Leaving the true Socialist Teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and True Savior, mostly in the Suffering Hearts and Minds of the Poor, that cannot buy the Government’s Expensive Favors. This has exposed the American Dream for what it truly has become - An American Purchase that is specifically meant for only those who Can Afford it, and an Ongoing Nightmare of Social and Economic Inequality for American citizens Who Cannot! BTA